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Tips to Maintain Your Real Estate Website’s Online Ranking

As a realtor, it’s your goal to find clients you can successfully sell houses to—and one way you can do that is by putting up a website. You need a stable online presence to improve your credibility, reach more clients, and make stronger connections with homebuyers in your area.

You can never be too sure about the internet because of the constant changes it goes through, particularly with all the improvements and trends happening online that affect the field. With Google’s ever-changing algorithm and its need to cater to its users, your online ranking can be affected, so it’s best to prepare yourself whenever shifts happen!

If you want to guarantee you can maintain your current online ranking or prevent it from dropping down due to unforeseeable events, you can ask the help of a digital marketing agency specializing in your industry. If you’re looking for more tangible steps, then keep reading below to find out how to preserve your website’s ranking.

Strive to Update Your Website

You can be sure to have a strong hold of your online ranking and keep it from going down if you make an effort to improve your website. It can be through updating its technical aspects, discovering ways to make your user experience better, and forming closer relationships with your clients.

Managing your website involves finding ways to develop quality content that holds relevant information to cater to the needs of homebuyers and your target audience. If you learn to update your website regularly by reviewing the given information of your listings, you can expect to boost your online visibility and keep your online ranking high.

Update All Your Links

Your links should serve as a way for your visitors to navigate through your website and move from one page to the next, directing them from various house listings to available properties as smoothly as possible. If your links tend to be broken, then your online ranking will be affected—and so will your site’s credibility!

There are online tools such as Ahrefs and Majestic, which you can utilize to monitor if your website contains broken links. Once you detect the errors, you can initiate the necessary changes to keep the situation from becoming worse and further pulling your ranking down.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Time

Remember, the time it takes for your real estate website to load plays a crucial role in keeping the attention of interested home buyers. If your site tends to run slow, you will end up losing visitors. 

Besides that, Google also assesses your ranking based on how long it takes for your website to load completely. After all, a slow-loading website can impact your user experience, and what consumers want is to get down to business right away and start browsing available properties online. Google offers a tool called PageSpeed Insights, which you can use to monitor your page speed so that you can make the necessary changes to prevent your ranking from going down.

Revise Your Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions or meta tags serve as a way for search engines to index your web pages accordingly and display information found on your website. It’s integral to make use of title tags on your posts and other content to prevent attaining a low online ranking.

If you use meta tag information inconsistently, then you must know that Google will notice the mistakes—which ends up affecting your chances of appearing on search results. That’s why it will help to double-check your meta tags, include keywords, and organize your headers and descriptions correctly!


Part of running a website is ensuring that you continue producing useful content that will benefit your clients and bring you fruitful rewards. It’s not enough to post a current house listing or property and wait for potential homebuyers to stumble across your web page, hoping for some of their time. You need to update your website and its links regularly, improve its loading time, and revise your meta descriptions accordingly. That way, you can expect the traffic you receive to be steady and significant enough to convince Google to maintain your online ranking. 

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