How to Attract More Real Estate Clients With Facebook Ads

Every modern-day real estate agency like yours knows that being on social media is an excellent way to boost online visibility. However, you may not be maximizing Facebook Ads to attract the leads you need. That’s why it’s important to look further into the feature as a means to gain more clients, especially your ideal homebuyers. But what exactly should you do for effective Facebook Ads management within the real estate market’s context? 

This article will discuss three tips to help your real estate company get more clients by launching effective Facebook Ads. Take this as an opportunity to bolster your social media marketing efforts and maximize your budget. This way, you can project leads and easily meet or even surpass them once you get the hang of effectively utilizing Facebook and its other digital marketing tools and services. 

1. Produce high-resolution video and carousel-style advertisements

Think like a client when trying to produce high-quality Facebook advertisements for your real estate listings. If you want to use the two most click-worthy formats, choose videos and carousel posts (or posts with multiple photos). 

These kinds of posts are popular among Facebook users because they are interactive, eye-catching, and idealized for aspiring homeowners. However, you need to make well-produced Facebook ads. Otherwise, you won’t attract any clients. 

The best approach to produce marketable ads for Facebook is to take high-resolution pictures of the properties you sell. Don’t forget to feature simple yet well-thought-out interior design elements to entice your prospects. For videos, you also need to ensure all your shoots are in high definition and perfect angles, as if you were giving the clients a walkthrough of your listings. 

If you want to produce the best advertisements for Facebook and use other advertising campaign formats, consult with our digital marketers in Missouri at FrameworkPros. You can also schedule a consultation call to help you get well-acquainted with Facebook Ads and its different tools for online marketing. 

2. Localize your advertising campaigns 

Facebook has location identification features called geotagging for your convenient use. It’s the best way to let local prospects know that you have listings for viewing within their vicinity. You just need to be smart about your targeting. For instance, on Facebook Ads, you can pin the location at a nearby school and mall with high foot traffic. Doing this allows you to show your advertisements within that vicinity.

To make well-informed decisions, consult with a digital marketing specialist to guide you throughout the Facebook advertising process as you consider localization. This way, you can guarantee each dollar spent on running your ads is made to target the market you want, attracting the perfect clients! 

3. Comment and chat with Facebook followers 

Facebook is an interactive, entertaining platform. You can expect prospects to comment on your advertisements and chat with you if they want to get serious by setting up a consultation call with your real estate agency. 

The worst possible thing you want to do at this point is to ignore prospects because that’s a big red flag in their eyes. It shows you aren’t interested in them, affecting your online presence. As such, request someone from your team to communicate with your Facebook followers. This way, you can keep the conversation going about your listings, encouraging well-treated clients to refer other prospects to you! 


Using Facebook Ads takes a lot of hard work and practical knowledge to execute, especially if you want to establish an online presence in the real estate industry. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what your team can do about Facebook Ads. You just have to collaborate with the experts to generate leads, confirm client inquiries, and guarantee success. Invest in social media advertising today!

Are you looking for a professional social media marketing agency in St. Louis to help you with your real estate marketing efforts on Facebook? Contact us at Framework Pros. We can help you boost your visibility through cost-effective online advertising, enabling you to attract the clients you want as you focus on your company’s scalability. Consult with us to work on your next marketing campaign!

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