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Digital Marketing Tips For Real Estate Agents Amid COVID-19

One industry that is continually getting affected by the current pandemic is real estate. Due to social distancing protocols and lockdowns in many countries, the real estate industry has suffered a great hit. Real estate agents are now unable to continue their businesses, and homebuyers are justifiably hesitant to visit residential and commercial listings. Many

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Real Estate Business Online

Digital marketing is a great tool to expand your business exponentially. Many companies employ digital marketing techniques to increase awareness of their brand and attract more customers. With the right tools and a solid strategy, the internet is an excellent place to promote your brand.  One of the most common digital channels that businesses use

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5 Social Media Practices in Advertising for Real Estate

Social media has become one of the most prominent mediums in the market in catering to a wide variety of brands and services. It has even allowed companies to make a stronger connection to consumers online. Brands typically use this as a medium that enables them to not only promote their services but also to

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Writing for Realtors: 4 Steps to Writing Copy that Converts

Few digital marketing tools are as expansive as Pay-Per-Click campaigns. They have the potential to reach more people than even social media, and they are cost-effective because you’ll only have to pay for the clicks that do go through. If you’re working in an industry as competitive as real estate, you’ll not only want to

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Real Estate Lead Nurturing Tactics Through Content Marketing

Although the possibilities are endless for the real estate industry, the landscape remains ever competitive. As a realtor, the brand you build is your very name. It takes a significant amount of effort to build a brand, but a strong one readily distinguishes you from the rest and establishes you as an industry leader. By

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5 Tips For Improving Digital Marketing During the Pandemic

The spread of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has put a wrench in how things run, ultimately changing nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Aside from the sickness and death brought by it, the economy has suffered even more, bringing about a total standstill that caused many businesses to shut down. For the real estate

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7 Reasons to Outsource the CMO for Your Real Estate Agency

The simplest concept to take from marketing is that successful companies have successful marketing teams—the only way for people to know a new brand is if there are people working continuously to get new customers and clients. In every industry, there are hundreds, if not thousands of players. Branding strategy and marketing plays a big

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6 Social Media Marketing Tips All Real Estate Providers Must Know

In today’s age, any business must have a basic online presence to stay within the scope of potential customers. Even for largely “physical” industries such as real estate—whose marketing strategies once relied solely on cold calls and print advertisements—having a semblance of an online foothold is necessary to assert legitimacy. While bigger real estate moguls

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How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Agency

If you run a real estate business, then you undoubtedly have many things on your plate. Employee management, client projects, and payroll—these tasks can take up most of your time, leaving you with little time for marketing your business effectively.  Having said that, marketing is crucial nonetheless, especially in the competitive nature of the real

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