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The Right Social Media Mix: A Look Into Marketing and Management

Social media is a vast world—a brand can easily drown in it, particularly those in the real estate industry. When used right, however, you can push your brand in ways beyond your goals. Social media, particularly for the real estate market, is an unparalleled tool that can influence a huge number of followers. You can convert prospective clients into loyal customers, effectively keeping them away from your competitors. 

With billions of active users worldwide, it’s only logical that you leverage social media in both marketing and management, but your success ultimately depends on you. In other words, what is your main concept of marketing content and managing social media pages? These are two different things, but many real estate companies fail to grasp the differences. 

Bear in mind that the digital world continuously progresses, meaning that social media platforms continue to evolve. It can be rather difficult to keep up with concepts and changes, but knowing how social media marketing differs from social media management can help your business reach new heights. 

To fully understand the two concepts of social media, we take a look at each concept, as well as how you can balance the two. Without further ado, here’s an in-depth look at social media:

Addressing the issue at hand

Why is differentiation social media management from social media marketing difficult? The answers may lie in how people use social media—most of your followers, for instance, mainly use Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with loved ones. Instagram is used to share precious moments, whereas YouTube is treated as an entertainment hub. With these concepts in mind, it’s logical to assume that they don’t visit YouTube to socialize, the same way they don’t use Twitter to look for homes to rent or purchase. 

Through the use of social media management, you’re able to discern which platforms are best fit for publishing content. You can schedule posts and publish new content as needed, all the while staying in touch with followers and prospects. It focuses directly on communication using content, all without needing to use hard selling. 

Social media marketing focuses on promotional content, with the intent of either selling a product or service or boosting brand awareness. Posts are published repeatedly over the course of a day, making people aware that new houses are for sale or a new renting platform has launched. In essence, the two social media concepts are as follows:

  • Social media management: This pertains to the task of posting informative and quality content, with the purpose of entertaining, inspiring, and engaging. This is done for a longer period, ensuring that a brand stays consistent and audiences are kept interested. Your real estate company, for instance, could post industry news alongside tips for first-time homeowners. The idea is to create a loyal following that will help you create a steady flow of business, ensuring that your brand stays not only relevant but trustworthy. This operates on relatively low budgets, as time and effort remain to be the success determinants.
  • Social media marketing: This focuses on the idea of brand visibility. Posting content repeatedly throughout the day is what keeps engagement rates up, helping your real estate business stay on top of mind. Promotions, launches, and event announcements will be visible in your followers’ news feeds all day, helping you drive traffic and results. Unlike social media management, this banks heavily on costs and higher budgets. 

Is there a way to balance both social media concepts? 

Although social media management relies heavily on scheduled and pre-created content, this doesn’t mean that your social media marketing cannot adapt such features. The reason why so many businesses in the real estate industry become successful is that they have found ways to utilize both concepts.

Given that they’re both operating on the same platform, marketing and management can be easily combined to drive your real estate brand better. You’ll be able to spread your message more effectively, raise brand awareness, and continue selling homes people desperately need.

The key to the perfect balance, however, relies on the opportune moment. You need to know exactly when to share your content, thereby effectively using marketing and management at the same time. You need to properly time your campaign and know exactly what your target audience needs.

A campaign about real estate sales, for instance, can be a good place to start. You can post the content on the real estate market’s high season, further timing it during the weekends where people are most likely to be online. 

You can also rely on brand collaborations—your real estate company can partner with furniture or appliance brands around the area, or better yet, a mortgage company. By selling a home buying purchase package, you can entice your customers to pay attention to your brand and more importantly, engage. 

Remember: Social media is more than just the content you create—successful campaigns become successful through the right distribution process. While promotional content will be beneficial to your real estate brand, people will want to be bombarded with the right amount of message. 

A Real Estate Marketing Campaign That Works

You can either use social media marketing or social media management, but that depends on your real estate company’s needs and requirements. Mixing both is always the best way to ensure that your social media pages stay relevant, however. Bear in mind that although an incredibly powerful marketing tool, social media constantly changes. You’ll need to be as creative and innovative as possible, so look for ways to effectively market and manage your content. 

The name of the real estate game is the perfect mix of brand awareness, recognition, and ultimately, sales and conversion. That said, it’s vital that you find the right social media formula for you. By marketing and managing well, you’ll be able to deliver the right message at the opportune moment and watch as people become interested in your brand. 

The real estate market remains to be a highly competitive landscape, but the most successful brand are teams who continuously seek learning opportunities and smarter marketing decisions. Most of the time, that calls for the help of professionals.

If you’re on the hunt for a social media marketing agency in St. Louis, Framework Pros is the place to go. We believe that the most successful campaigns require the combination of all the right digital tools, and we have the formula for you. We offer you various digital marketing solutions, designed to help you boost online visibility, drive traffic, and ultimately earn more sales. 

Amplify your real estate brand with us—reach out today. 

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