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Real Estate Marketing: How to Build Brand Awareness Online

Modern homebuyers are moving beyond the traditional method of browsing through property listing catalogs. They now also look for various proofs of credibility, such as a company’s social media presence, high client satisfaction, and customer engagement. If you want to increase your sales figures, you should invest in your brand’s image. Not only will it give you a broader reach for prospective clients, but also establish your company as credible and reliable.

Building brand recognition through SEO

No matter your line of business, you should be familiar with how brand recognition affects your overall performance as a company. Brand name Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method of optimizing your company’s image to increase brand awareness through SEO strategies. Modern consumers are now more vigilant when it comes to knowing more about a brand before they subscribe to their service.

The relevance of brand name SEO is also applicable to the real estate industry. Learn how to build your brand in the real estate market through this six-step guide. 

Step#1: Target specific audiences through market segmentation

It’s natural to mainly focus on your campaign’s visibility and reach. Although it can increase your chances of interacting with the right clients, it can also limit the effects of your marketing efforts. Instead of committing to general branding efforts, you should know how to segment your market.

Segmenting your market to target a particular demographic is an excellent way to break down your client base to subgroups. Define whether you’re selling a property that fits a specific customer archetype. Are they university students, employees, couples, CEOs, or retirees? 

Knowing which segment is compatible with your properties will give direction to your marketing campaigns. This method is similar to A/B testing, which generates more specific data through comparative analyses. It will help you pay close attention to high activity sales funnel avenues which you can focus on for better conversion rates.

Step#2: Apply SEO on all your digital channels

Every company doing business online is utilizing some form of SEM for their branding efforts. Now that you have a better idea of your specific target demographic, you can finally home in on retargeting strategies. Doing so allows you to improve your brand’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) rankings.

For example, keyword targeting is an excellent way to categorize your content based on the properties you’re selling. Better yet, include locations and regions to make long-tail keywords such as “condos in Arizona,” “beach houses in Miami,” and “starter homes in New Jersey.”

With the right search terms to match your potential clients’ search queries, you can increase the chances of your content appearing for the right homebuyers. Make sure to apply these keywords to all your digital mediums, whether on your websites, social media channels, or ad placements.

Step#3: Attempt to win back old clients through remarketing campaigns

Sometimes your bounce rates reflect more on your failed attempts and not on unwilling buyers. This could be because they aren’t looking for a real estate property at the moment, or their financial situation discouraged them from browsing your online catalog.

You can use your previous campaigns’ data to purchase ad placements on websites and blogs that your audiences are most likely to visit. Although you were unsuccessful in converting them on their initial visit, your second attempt can help you refine and increase your overall conversion rates.

Step#4: Invest in social media customer engagement

Putting your efforts on ad placements and content marketing alone isn’t enough to reach the right audiences. Social media platforms are the best networks to improve your brand awareness while prioritizing client interaction.

Modern consumers love a brand that knows how to frequently and consistently interact with their subscribers. This type of interaction simulates a conversation with home buyers in your open house event, only through digital mediums. Your fast-response engagements are an excellent way to develop your company’s image as a reliable and approachable brand. If you’re having trouble with connecting with your prospective clients, here are three tips you should follow:

  • Show genuine concern and attention: Although automated responses increase your reply rates, no clients want to be on hold with a mechanical-sounding message. When interacting with online users, you should always be genuine by responding to their concerns respectfully.
  • Incentivize your interactions: One great way to increase customer engagement is by allowing your clients to receive perks that can benefit them. An excellent way to draw clients to your social media pages is to post special offers or discounts. For example, clients can receive a 5% discount on their down payment if they close the deal within a specific period.
  • Ask for their opinions: The best way to get genuine data is by simply asking your followers. You can ask them about what they want to see from your content, answer queries about your services, or even accept open suggestions on how to improve your services.

When developing your online community, you should always make them feel involved in your growth. Investing in these organic interactions is an effective way to attract a more extensive client base through the type of online environment that you’re curating.

Step#5: Expand your brand’s reach through guest posting

Developing an internet community is one of the most effective marketing tools at your disposal. Besides using conventional marketing methods through paid advertisements, you should also know how to utilize the impact of community content. Because of this, guest posting is one of the many strategies that marketers use to increase their company’s brand awareness.

By guest posting across different home buying communities and realtor websites, your brand can tap into other markets. This will reinforce your brand’s image as an authority figure in the industry by providing informative and credible content. Make sure that your posts contain backlinks to your website and your social media accounts so that your readers and potential clients can seamlessly reach your landing pages.

Step#6: Utilize the power of influencer marketing

When it comes to selling properties online, one of the most effective tools you can use is the power of client testimonials. Modern marketing methods are adapting a more targeted form of product reviews in the form of influencer marketing.

Social media influencers can help you reach your target audience, especially since they already have a following of their own. These influencers are much easier to enter into business agreements with compared to traditional A-list celebrities. By making brand partnerships, you can connect with an entirely new market or reinforce your credibility with your current demographic.

You can have them market your properties by shooting house tours and reviews of a house’s different amenities. Additionally, they can also spread the word on your events and promos by giving a shoutout for your brand on their social media channels.


Clients are more likely to invest in your service if you’re a brand they can trust. When it comes to a massive investment such as buying a property, you should appear as a memorable and reliable household name in the industry. With today’s competitive online market, you must stay ahead of your competitors by adapting to the shifts and trends of digital marketing strategies.

Reaching out to experts in the digital marketing field is an excellent way to build your company’s rapport with an online audience. Framework Pros is a digital marketing agency in St. Louis that can help your business produce, develop, and execute effective marketing campaigns. Schedule a consultation with us today to know more about how our trained specialists can optimize your company’s sales funnels!

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