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How To Use PPC Advertising To Dominate The Real Estate Market

The real estate market can be quite difficult to traverse, especially with the amount of competition when it comes to the online presence of different brokers and mortgage lenders. If you are a real estate agent who is looking to be dominant in the game, there are numerous avenues you can exploit to get a one-up on the competition. In fact, today’s world isn’t just about how skilled you are with your job; it’s more about how you market your services in a way that catches your audience’s attention.

Properly utilizing digital marketing techniques to boost your online visibility is a surefire way to gain the upper hand when it comes to any kind of business or industry. By partnering with a professional digital marketing company, your business can churn content that streamlines your branding efforts, augmenting it with tools like SEO services and PPC advertising. 

Missouri real estate can greatly benefit from reliable digital marketing agencies in St. Louis, like Framework Pros. With an increase in buyers, the seller’s market is slowly decreasing, which means that jumping on digital marketing strategies to further assist your sales is important. As more and more people consider moving to St. Louis, you will have to boost your online visibility to get more sales—and when people see you doing well, your credibility will skyrocket!

Using Digital Marketing Strategies To Boost Traffic Towards You

First off, if you have not crafted a website to assist your efforts in real estate marketing, you are already on the losing end. The way a website can be tailored to show your best skills and achievements is amazing, and cannot be matched by any kind of social media management in that field. Once you have the website design and configuration optimized, it is time to dive into the details.

SEO services are a priority for long-term growth strategies, as these are unrivaled when it comes to attracting organic traffic and building a customer base. A well-built SEO blog is a great way to grow your business’ authority, as these are articles that offer assistance or answers to your target audience’s specific questions. With a good strategy and a lineup of helpful articles containing the proper keywords, you are on the right track to success.

If you want to make it even more efficient, combine SEO services with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Utilizing this digital marketing tool gets your website to the top of the search engine results page, but at the expense of you paying for each click! These clicks can be costly in some instances, but if you have a proper strategy backing your efforts, you get to promote the best growth for your online presence.

Why PPC Advertising Will Be Great For Your Endeavors

Depending on your long term goals, PPC can be extremely beneficial to grow and boost your online visibility. While this offers you a top spot on search engine results pages, remember that these do not mean guaranteed growth! A lot of work must still be done on your end, which is why it is always recommended to mix up digital marketing efforts, such as SEO, PPC, and some other social media marketing techniques. 

SEO will offer you long-term organic growth, while PPC advertising supports this growth significantly by redirecting traffic immediately. However, it pays to consider the feasibility of signing up for Pay Per Click services, as these are normally costly if done in long strides. Consider if you can sustain it—and for how long—as well as weigh in the pros and cons of the situation to see if signing up is worth your money and time!

Calculating how much money you make from closing a deal compared to the number of clicks that happen, but do not convert, is essential in determining if this is a sustainable effort. Pay Per Click has a lot of computation involved, so be sure to do the calculations to ensure that you are not losing too much. 

For PPC To Work, You Need A Campaign Strategy

You cannot just sign up for PPC and expect it to run its course on its own. It is still a digital marketing tool—and that means you will need your strategy to ensure that it generates the most out of what you are spending for it. Investing in the help of a digital marketing agency in St. Louis will allow you to develop a campaign that can match the culture of Missouri for even more impact.

The bidding process for a slot to advertise your site is quite tedious, which will require work form you regarding relevant keywords needed, finances and budgeting, as well as lots of time. Remember that there are tons of other real estate agencies and brokers out there that are just like you. Some may even have better credentials and more stunning track records, but this means that you have to tailor your marketing strategy, even more, to slug it out in the digital arena. 

PPC Also Creates Brand Identity And Recognition

Even if the people who see your advertisement one day do not think it is applicable to them at the moment, there is a likelihood that once the day comes, they will remember your name! The repetitive placement of your ads on the search engine results page and other social media platforms will make your services recognizable. This will make it easier for people to refer you to others, and even find you in the future when the search algorithms are no longer particularly targeting your business. 

People normally think that those who appear on the first few options of a Google page are credible sites and will not think twice about transacting with them if needed. If you can secure a top spot and your marketing efforts are carefully strategized with a beautifully built website to back it, people are more likely to recognize your brand as a legitimate one. 


The real estate market can be cutthroat, and this can make it difficult to manage and slug it out with the big guns in the field. The best part about today’s world is that digital marketing is a powerful tool that is available to anyone! If your cards are played right, these can be the difference between success and failure of your business and brand. 

Framework Pros is the best digital marketing agency in St. Louis, Missouri, specializing in providing digital solutions for those in the real estate industry. Combining the best practices of SEO, PPC advertising, social media management, and other management tools, we can assist your business’ growth. Connect with us and have us run an audit of your website today!

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