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How to Use Facebook to Improve Your Real Estate Listings Online

As a real estate agent, your number one priority is to make a sale. You post an array of home listings online, cater to your clients’ concerns and questions, and guide them from one house viewing to the next, all in the hopes of selling your properties to the right people!

Aside from relying on real estate websites, social media has paved the way for small and medium-sized businesses to develop a deeper connection with their audiences through the accessibility provided by Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Facebook, in particular, remains one of the top social media platforms that offer multiple benefits to both individuals and businesses. If you want to know how to navigate Facebook to help you make more real estate sales, keep on reading below.

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Real Estate Listings

Ensure the Correct Page Format

Facebook gives you the useful option of creating a Page to display your property listings in a more organized manner. Before making your first post, you have to make sure you’re applying the right category to gain more chances of appearing in results that are focused on local real estate. 

Rearrange Your Facebook Page

Applying a template onto your Facebook Page gives you the power to choose which specific tabs you want to feature and which you wish to hide from the public eye. It will involve an arrangement of your listings and the customer reviews that highlight your services.

Establish a Clear Call-to-Action

Part of boosting your online visibility is determining a call-to-action (CTA) from which your customers can access your real estate properties—all without having to leave your Facebook Page! They can browse through your catalog and check out your available listings, up until they find a home they’re interested in. From there, you can provide a way for them to schedule a visit with you.

Take Advantage of Facebook Messenger

If you’ve only recently become a realtor, you have to do whatever it takes to create a reliable method of communication with your consumers. This is where Facebook Messenger comes in.

When it comes to Facebook Messenger, you have to make an effort to reach out to your customers and answer your messages religiously to keep your relationships steady. With Facebook’s many advancements, you can now take hold of its automated feature to provide even better customer service!

Using Facebook Ads to Promote Your Page

Offer Promos and Discounts

Nothing makes consumers happier than by scoring great deals. They’re more likely to pay attention to the properties you’re promoting if you can provide them with promotions and discounts, especially since house & lots tend to get expensive by the day.

To improve your flash sale feature, you can use Facebook ads management to keep track of your online reaches and new subscribers. It will allow you to determine if your strategy is working, giving you an idea of how much interest a particular property is generating with your target audience.

Make Use of Other Social Media Platforms

Almost all social media platforms are connected now. This feature makes it perfect for real estate companies that don’t have enough resources to come up with new ways to market listings. In that case, one can use existing promotional materials on another channel and spread it towards other platforms from there—for as long as it’s still targeted to a related target audience, of course. 

The property listings you’re featuring on your Instagram posts can be connected to your Facebook, just as your Instagram Stories can be linked to your Facebook Stories. So the next time you decide to promote a new house, you can easily hit two birds with one stone and feature it on multiple social media profiles.

Generate Automated Content

Since you’re using Facebook as your central platform where your clients can reach you, you should already be one step ahead of them. If you know you’ll be receiving a flood of messages and inquiries on Messenger, then it’s best to come up with useful information beforehand.

Messenger has a feature that allows you to provide automatic replies to your customers. If they catch you at an unfortunate time, you should include your available hours in your message. It’s also essential if you provide a link to your website where they can see more property listings and houses for sale. 

Come Up with a Schedule for Posting

A significant benefit of social media management is having control over when to schedule your posts. That way, you can prepare your house listings in advance, upload all the necessary photos and information, and organize them to post at an appropriate time. 

There are free applications and tools you can use to help you handle postings better, but if you’re just new to operating a Facebook Page, it may not be necessary. In the meantime, focus on ensuring your listings are complete and that you’ve got your contact information provided within each post.

Incorporating Facebook to Uplift Your Real Estate Business

Apply the Custom Audience Feature

Facebook has a feature that involves reaching out to people who have already come across your website in the past or have seen your ads and made an effort to schedule a house viewing at one point in time.

With a custom audience, you can rely on your previous sources and reconnect with clients via their subscriptions. It lets you introduce home listings they might still be interested in because they continue to follow your Facebook Page in hopes of new updates.

Keep Track of Statistics

Facebook allows users to manage pages and rely on “Insights” to observe statistics that showcase the rise and fall of your traffic. You can investigate your Page’s engagement, the number of clicks and reaches you receive in a day, and other actions your users are most likely to perform as soon as they reach your Page.

If you don’t review your statistics, you won’t know which of your property listings receive the most views or have better chances of being sold. It can determine if your post is successful or not based on the analytics of your Facebook Page.

Manage New Updates

Just like other social media platforms, Facebook will continue to evolve and go with the trends. New updates are continually provided, so users won’t have any reason to stop utilizing it. 

If you’re a small-scale real estate agent, you benefit from features that highlight a property’s purchasing quality. Through the platform, you can easily add a catalog of your property listings and incorporate hashtags so your customers can find your Page with a few keyword searches.


Using Facebook as one of the social media platforms for your real estate business is a unique solution to reaching a target-focused demographic. Through it, you can research their behavior and interests to target your marketing strategies better. 

A Facebook Page improves your credibility to promote your property listings and create stronger connections with your clients. It serves as an efficient way to showcase homes for sale and serves as a means of improving your strategy based on your statistics. If you’re worried you won’t be able to handle the work, you can rely on a professional to help you manage your real estate’s Facebook Page and achieve faster results. 

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