6 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Get Leads from LinkedIn

Concentrating your resources on a LinkedIn networking plan allows real estate agents to achieve a greater return on investment (ROI), especially when conducting real estate marketing efforts. In fully optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you can maximize lead creation by capturing lead contact information.

There’s no better way to begin this guide than telling you to set up your LinkedIn real estate profile. For this reason, it pays to start with a compelling LinkedIn profile and establish specific measures to optimize it fully. 

That said, below are the tips on how real estate agents can get leads from LinkedIn:

#1: Upload a Professional Headshot 

If you want to acquire references through LinkedIn, work on your profile first. Your headshot is probably the first thing your leads can see on your profile page or when you ask them to connect; therefore, it is essential to have an excellent headshot. Use a headshot to show you are confident, skilled, and friendly enough to connect and hire ultimately. The photograph should also be in high-resolution and not a grainy image, a picture shot in a club.

After this, make sure to preview your profile and ensure everything is in place. One of the most excellent methods to ensure that your LinkedIn headshot is worthwhile is to utilize Photofeeler. Photofeeler puts its headshot before thousands of people who rank it anonymously as competent, responsible, and influential. You can post variations and use the one that LinkedIn users score highest.

#2: Choose a Decent Background Photo

After you submit a professional LinkedIn headshot, select a backdrop to match it. You may also use this space in sharing information to attract potential customers. In any case, choose a beautiful, professional image that doesn’t appear too cluttered. You may download an image from a free stock image website like Unsplash or use a website like Canva or hire a freelancer on Fiverr if you do not have picture editing software or Adobe PDF.

#3: Use Your Headline to Display Your Real Estate Services

Your title is the second most essential aspect of your LinkedIn profile after your headshot. In only 100 characters, your LinkedIn headline is a quick summary of your abilities. Just make sure that you remember the national REALTOR Association (NAR) and state license disclosure rules when creating your headline or adding your title on LinkedIn.

#4: Create a Summary and Customize a URL

For your profile summary, include a short overview of your property strategy, brokerage details, or other pertinent facts. LinkedIn also allows you to establish your URL for your profile page, making it easier to discover and remember your profile. Remember, you aim to attract leads to call or interact with you.

#5: Complete the Important Details

Dive deep into your profile and examine your career, talents, education, and achievements. Offer a complete image of your professional experience and on your LinkedIn profile so customers can get a feel of who you are. Additionally, remember to take NAR and local advertising rules into account.

#6: Reach Out For Recommendations and Skill Endorsements

Make sure to utilize LinkedIn’s recommendations area that allows former customers or coworkers to post their feedback. Talk to colleagues and past clients after connecting to see if you can acquire recommendations from them to enhance your profile. Such recommendations will encourage future clients to trust you and avail of your services.


LinkedIn generates over 250 million unique visits, making it undeniable to look for ways to utilize LinkedIn’s lead generation potential best. As more and more people use LinkedIn to network with other professionals and learn about them, more potential customers are also discovering trusted and reliable real estate agents like you. With an established LinkedIn profile, you will experience your connections grow over time!

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