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Improving Real Estate Website Traffic: Tips You Should Know

One of the industries that are starting to benefit from digital advancements is the real estate industry. Traditionally, real estate companies and agents provide services to the client through face-to-face meetings and physical house tours. But now that convenience and accessibility are top priorities, these can now be done through your website.

When you have a real estate website, your goal is to ensure that it can hold the increase of website traffic. This is why website design and optimization are more than just setting up the site and adding information. You need to ensure that your site performs at its best regularly and has relevant content that your clients can benefit from. 

With that being said, real estate companies work with reputable digital marketing companies. This way, you’ll be working side-by-side with professionals who can help create marketing strategies as well as optimize your site for better performance. 

If you’re thinking of improving your real estate website’s performance and boosting website traffic, read on. Here are some ways to improve your site’s search engine optimization and increase the number of visitors that visit your site.

Tip #1: Optimize Your Site to Work on Different Devices

Since we live in a digitally-driven world, it comes with no surprise that consumers are quick on their feet and need things to be more accessible right away. With that being said, you should know that 89 percent of home shoppers use their mobiles to search for properties during the home buying process.

Because of this, it’s incredibly crucial that your website loads at lightning speed and is optimized for mobile use. When it is, you’ll most likely get a callback and pull in leads, increasing your chances of making a sale. 

Tip #2: Target Local Keywords

The real estate game is focused on the local market. With that in mind, it’s important to utilize local keyword phrases to increase traffic opportunities. 

For example, home shoppers will search for properties or agents and include a specific location, such as “St. Louis real estate agent.” Knowing these terms and the internet behavior of your leads will give you more information on the type of content you need to produce and the keywords you need to include.

Tip #3: Put Out Consistent and Relevant Quality Content

One of the best ways to stand out from other agents is by producing high-quality real estate blog content. The best way to do that is by partnering up with a digital marketing company and creating SEO-driven content that is comprehensive yet compelling. 

Ideally, you want to create an effective editorial for the year, so you won’t miss out on any trends and content opportunities. This way, your marketers and writers will prepare content pitches that you can go through and implement to help lure clients to your site.

Tip #4: Collaborate With Your Clients

Finally, a great way to improve your website traffic is by including online reviews and testimonials from satisfied clients on your website. Indeed, consumers nowadays rely on other consumers to know whether a product or service is worth investing on. For that reason, showing that you’re a credible agent can do loads for your sales and clientele base. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback and to post their testimonials online, especially if you know they’re satisfied customers. This will definitely ramp up your sales and improve your company’s reputation, pushing you to rank higher on search engine results and increasing your website traffic. 

The Bottom Line: Improving Your Website Can Help You Stand Out in the Real Estate Market

Websites are effective tools for any business. With that being said, working with a digital marketing company can help improve your status in a saturated real estate marketplace. So improve your website’s design and SEO efforts — you’ll get better website traffic in no time!

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