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Digital Marketing 101: Preparing For St. Louis’ Real Estate Rebound

There is no doubt that once the pandemic passes and a cure for it is fully developed, the real estate market is likely to bounce back. With the economy rocked to the core, people will be looking for places where the cost of living is much easier on the budget. As such, it could be expected that many will move across the country, away from the more expensive cities, flocking to more humble places like St. Louis, Missouri. 

When it comes to making sales in real estate, a lot of it is largely based on how you can boost your online presence as a real estate professional. In Missouri, professionals are consulting with digital marketing agencies to set up their business’ backbone for the up and coming revival of the economy. 

With the St. Louis real estate market looking like a strong contender for a great rebound after the recession caused by COVID-19, this is the best time to check your branding strategy.

The Social Marketing Strategy Shift 

While COVID-19 seemed to have largely removed the direct social interactions between businesses and their customers, this, in turn, shifted everything online. Whether you are a business owner or a real estate broker, you have likely discovered the importance of the need to boost your online presence due to the pandemic. Those without websites nor digital marketing methods set up were caught off-guard, causing a struggle to manage the whole online ordeal, while their more fortunate competitors merely coasted towards their consumers’ screens.

In the real estate industry, it will be quite similar to that of the business provider line once the situation of the virus normalizes. The thing with real estate is that there really isn’t a way to create a purely online method of transacting and sealing deals. After all, clients looking for a home will always want a hands-on broker that can show them the best features of a home and the neighborhood around. 

In St. Louis, digital marketing agencies in Missouri have been assisting the primary phase of conducting business for real estate. Through website building and social media management, a real estate agent can come up with a better branding strategy and method of improving sales over time. 

Things To Consider When The Real Estate Market Rebounds

The initial thing to consider is to always prioritize your clients’ experience by practicing proper social client care. After all, the new normal is upon us, and there is no knowing if it will ever return to how it used to be. By ensuring clients that their safety and security are placed at utmost importance, this will be great for your trade!

The last thing to consider is the way information and the market trends change as time progresses. Keeping up to date with the latest news, tools, marketing strategies, branding techniques, and social media trends will ultimately assist you with your sales in the end. By having a natural feel of the entire situation of the market, you can easily adjust your sales strategies on the fly. 

Preparing For The Rebound

The first step in preparing for the rebounding real estate market is to ensure that your website is set up, and your social media management is at peak performance capability. It has been found that during the pandemic, people have relied heavily on social media to either pass time or stay up to date with their favorite topics and brands—which makes it a great opportunity for you to jump on!

This means that your website design has to be optimized well for the best user experience. The more professional your site looks, the more chances you will have to land clients and close deals. It is human nature to perceive things that look extremely well-done as the best in class—so invest in the services of a digital marketing agency in Missouri to boost your online presence!

Additionally, consistent interaction with people using your social media accounts is integral in any trade. While social media is perceived as unprofessional for business use, it has grown to have an important part in making connections and conducting business. With billions of people on different platforms at a time, having your trade pages optimized on social networking sites is integral to your success. Social media management is a big help, which digital marketing agencies can assist with. 

Responsiveness Is Key

Staying connected with potential clients is important. This means giving updates on local occurrences in areas around St. Louis and government statements on the state of Missouri. Answering all questions is a must for real estate agents to make a sale—no matter how simple the questions are. Whether or not they plan to buy a home or properties in Missouri, keeping consistent with responses is integral in any business practice, real estate included. 

Social media management is important in this aspect, as the easiest way to contact people and stay in touch is through social networking applications. By being able to answer questions from people regarding real estate in St. Louis, you save them time and effort to search for it, while giving you a chance to snatch more potential clients. 

Building an easy to navigate website will make people more likely to reach out to you, and coupled with a better social media presence, you have a match made in heaven!

Constantly Assess And Ready Up

The trick to any field of business is to assess the situation as much as possible. Assessing the situation of things is important, as it gives insight into future trends, allowing you to be ready to deal with any shocks and issues. 

The important thing in real estate marketing is listening to market trends and data, as well as what people are looking for. Consider the situation of the areas of St. Louis post-COVID-19 and derive conclusions from there. When you have a great understanding of what is going on around you, you can continue to tweak your branding strategy to produce better results. 


The real estate market in St. Louis is expected to have a great rebound post-pandemic. As such, if you are a real estate agent, you will want to boost your online presence as soon as possible! Investing in digital marketing agencies in Missouri is your best bet to achieve success in the pre and post-COVID-19 world. 

Are you looking to boost your marketing ROI with the help of marketing professionals specialized in the real estate industry? At the FrameworkPros, we are a digital marketing agency in St. Louis, Missouri, that offers a wide variety of services, spanning from social media management to effective search engine optimization. Get in touch with us today!

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