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How to Sell Real Estate Through Social Media Successfully

Modern technology affects the way buyers find and collect information to make potential purchases. This applies to all types of products and services, from plumbing contractors to real estate properties. People’s reliance on social media is one of the many reasons brands and service providers use it as an effective marketing channel. It enhances their online visibility to affect higher customer conversion rates.

When marketing your properties, you must use every accessible marketing channel that increases your chances of attracting the right buyer. This is why you should invest in platforms that can give you the most extensive visibility, like social media networks.

Developing your brand on social media

Developing your credibility on social media is crucial to increasing your chances of attracting your target demographic. Brands that run social media accounts need to show their credibility in various ways to ensure that their audience thinks that they’re a reliable service provider. You can promote brand awareness through different strategies.

Potential homebuyers are first and foremost visual consumers. The quality of your properties’ photo albums is the first step to recreating the feeling of attending an open house. Pair your professional photography with compelling market info, product stats, and other data that can show your credibility as a seller.

You can post useful tips in different areas of the real estate market, from securing a mortgage to home selling advice. Besides informational content, you should learn to diversify your posts, depending on the platform you’re on. Utilize gifs, videos, infographics, and other media to avoid posting the same posts over and over again. Remember to place a call-to-action on your posts to direct them to your business pages. Additionally, you can tag your clients on successful sales to increase your credibility by displaying your recent deals.

Engaging with your followers

An advantage that businesses use with their social media profiles is the accessibility of interacting with their customer base. You can do this through DMs, comments, or replies to post shares. You should utilize your social media platform to foster good relations with your customer base.

The more engaged they are, the more likely they are to refer your service to their mutual networks. By tapping into shared social groups and communities, brands that utilize social media have a considerable following.

Formatting requirements for different platforms

Your posting strategy will vary depending on the platform you’re using. For example, Instagram prioritizes visual content for its user base. Although this limits your formatting options, Instagram has one of the most active social media users across the different generations of consumers. This allows you to tap into numerous markets through effective usage of hashtags.

For Twitter, you have to be particular about your sales copies. Its character limit on tweets and less than agreeable photo and video sharing formats can be a challenging obstacle to overcome. Although it’s much more compact, its preference for mobile users makes it the best place to post frequent updates about your business. It’s an excellent place to increase your SEO by connecting it to your other socials.

Facebook is an excellent network to curate all your digital marketing content. It lets you post anything from listings, booking appointments, and blog-type content all in one platform. You can also boost your posts to reach your select target market, depending on the property you’re selling.


Marketing is more accessible today with numerous digital tools and software available to help entrepreneurs expand their brand’s reach. It’s a welcome addition to the real estate industry as home sellers and buyers can have diverse digital platforms to look for potential properties in the market. 

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