How to Incorporate Google AdWords into Your Real Estate SEO

Even the most successful real estate firms are continually vying for a top spot on Google’s first page. Occasionally, Google will revamp its algorithms and the total count of organic results, which makes leveraging Google AdWords the best way to tap into your business potential. Concocting the right search engine marketing mix means regularly tweaking your strategy. If you’re missing out on the possibility of paid advertising, here’s why you need to incorporate PPC into your next campaign. 

Bidding on Brand Terms

The discovery process in online real estate is unique. Consumers will come across communities and their respective locations through apartment guides, friends and colleagues, physical advertisements, and Internet sources. However, not every source is rife with adequate information. 

As such, you should further target your searches with rich real estate keywords. By bidding on keywords relevant to your brand name, you can generate qualified leads and capitalize on searches down the funnel. 

Without bidding, you’re at risk of leaving your brand name up for grabs, which can launch competitors up in their organic listings or be at the hands of real estate aggregator sites. If you aren’t taking advantage of the best real estate keywords on the market, you could lose your top spot to local competitors. 

Geo-Targeting Potential Clients

Part of an effective PPC strategy is geo-targeting potential customers. Keep an eye on people who are interested in your properties via Google’s Location Services. Make the necessary settings adjustments according to your particular zone or Google’s recommendations. 

When targeting a city, select the most significant metro area around the location. By incorporating this strategy, you can target individuals who move within the same suburb or around the city. 

Use Negative Keywords

While it may appear counterintuitive, incorporating negative keywords can prevent unrelated advertisements from showing up. If you don’t deal with specific types of homes or properties, list them as negative keywords to keep them from appearing in front of the wrong audience. 

Preventing Inappropriate Matches

Not every community brand or city name is unique. Ensure that keywords for other cities don’t match yours, removing generated clicks through areas with identical names. Use negative keywords for the state itself and its abbreviations to avoid duplicates or untargeted searches. 

Eliminate Low-Intent Searches

Google AdWords policies are relatively liberal, considering keyword matching. Thus, it can become challenging to prevent keyword matching of a wide variety. List negative keywords for your niche and work with a licensed SEO company to keep unwanted traffic at bay. 


Last but not least, familiarize yourself with Google’s formula for Ad Rank. Incorporate Ad Extensions into your PPC campaigns, linking at least three to each advertisement. SEO isn’t an easy game to master. However, with the right AdWords consultant, you can get your real estate firm to rank quicker than your competitors.

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