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How to Know When It’s Time to Hire a Real Estate Marketing Agency

If you run a real estate business, then you undoubtedly have many things on your plate. Employee management, client projects, and payroll—these tasks can take up most of your time, leaving you with little time for marketing your business effectively. 

Having said that, marketing is crucial nonetheless, especially in the competitive nature of the real estate industry. A solution to this problem is to hire a marketing agency that can devote itself to your business. But how do you know if it’s the right time for you to hire one? Find out in the sections below.

The Best Times To Hire a Marketing Agency

Every real estate agent/business is unique, so there is really no set answer to the when the right time to hire a marketing agency is. However, here are some things that can help you identify whether or not it’s time to hire one for the benefit of your business: 

Clueless How To Boost Marketing

If you don’t know how to market your real estate business online, don’t worry, that’s fine. After all, you’re a real estate agent/business owner. The digital world is relatively new, and things can get complicated when you are unfamiliar with its inner workings. 

Even when you don’t have a clue how online marketing works, you need to be involved in the process. That said, you need to know the basics. Make an effort to learn about the fundamentals of digital marketing and how it will work for your business. The basics include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the importance of keywords, and Pay-Per-Click (PPC), just to name a few. 

Knowing the basics of online marketing will let you understand how it works and how certain strategies can help your business. Additionally, you won’t get confused when digital marketing terminologies are thrown your way. 

You Don’t Have the Time

As a real estate agent, your time is more focused on reaching out to clients, talking to them, taking them to your listings, and viewing houses. You already have so much on your plate. It’s likely that you also take care of other things such as payroll, administration work, and much more. With all of these tasks, there’s no wonder why marketing falls to the wayside. 

If you struggle from not having the time to market your real estate business, then it’s the perfect time to have someone do it for you. When you have a marketing agency by your side, you get to focus more on things that really matter and the responsibilities that you’re really good at. You also get to eliminate mundane tasks that take too much time and have someone do it for you more efficiently at a lower cost. 

A successful real estate business focuses on revenue-generating activities. That includes hiring help to handle the marketing side of your business so that you can focus better on other important priorities. 

When You Want to Grow Your Business Faster

All those open houses, virtual tours, and client meetings are great to grow your business. These are, after all, a part of your job. However, these are not enough to sustain your business. When you reach the point that you’re ready to grow your business, that is the time you consider getting additional help from other people. 

Marketing in the digital world plays a significant role in a business’s growth. For one, almost everyone in the whole world relies on the internet to gain information. When it comes to real estate, the internet has become a convenient hub to browse houses, engage with real estate companies, and to get notified of new listings in a specific area. 

With all of these things, you can generate so much revenue simply by having an online presence. A real estate marketing agency can help you reach a more extensive network online. The bigger your network is, the bigger the chances of business growth.

Additionally, you will be able to tap into an audience that you probably have never thought of in the first place. When all of these things are put into motion, your business will surely evolve. 

You Don’t Know What’s Your Next Move

Even if you’re really good at what you do, there will come a point when you become clueless about what the next step should be to move your business forward. It is usually during this time when you are struggling to implement the right strategies to bring more clients in. Instead of poring over files, data, and what-not that can be such a headache, why not get help from people who are experts in marketing? 

A business will not grow without outside help. If you find yourself running out of ideas to move your business forward, then do yourself (and your business) a favor and start looking into available resources. 

How to Find Marketing Agency to Work With

If any of these reasons are familiar, then you know it’s time to hire a real estate marketing agency. Now, how do you find one? 

When it comes to choosing a real estate marketing agency, try to think of it like dating. You need to find the right one to ensure a happy and healthy relationship. That said, you may need to go through a couple of bad dates before you find the right one, and that’s alright. It’s part of the game. 

You are probably aware that there are many marketing agencies out there. The first thing that you do need to do is to find an agency that is an expert in your niche. Real estate, just like any industry, has specific processes and terminologies involved. You want to work with a marketing agency that is familiar with all of them.

Sit down with your team and identify the needs of your business. Do you want to capitalize on social media opportunities? Do you want to work on paid ads? Or is your business open to all types of marketing avenues? 

To find an expert, as mentioned, you need to wade through the options available to you and work your way from there. That said, conduct at least 30-minute consultations with each marketing agency that’s suited to your brand. Based on what you learn, you can make comparisons that will let you come to the right decision. 


When it comes to the right time to hire digital marketers in Missouri, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is unique. It all comes down to your needs and how far you want your business to go. 

Our team at Frameworks Pro is one of the top digital marketers in Missouri. We specialize in the real estate industry and we can help move your business forward. Schedule a consultation with us today. 

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