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6 Social Media Marketing Tips All Real Estate Providers Must Know

In today’s age, any business must have a basic online presence to stay within the scope of potential customers. Even for largely “physical” industries such as real estate—whose marketing strategies once relied solely on cold calls and print advertisements—having a semblance of an online foothold is necessary to assert legitimacy.

While bigger real estate moguls have started investing in the development of their own business websites, smaller players have taken to simpler, yet just as effective means of going online. Thanks to the advent of social media, real estate providers have found an affordable and efficient way to market their services online.

Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Social media has been a part of the online world for quite some time, but the advancements in the online world have transformed it entirely. Once merely a platform for connecting people from all over the world, it has today become its own growing microcosm of society—challenging more traditional means of doing just about anything in life.

As big as it has become, this has paved the way for smaller businesses to establish a form of an online presence. While seemingly meager to begin with, proper utilization of some well-known digital strategies can easily boost a business to the fore, thus creating the traction it needs to increase its sales and survive.

In the real estate industry, this opportunity gives a way for private brokers to even out the playing field with the rest of the giants in the industry. In order to fully utilize it, follow these six social media marketing tips that will help boost your real estate business through the roof.

Utilize imagery and video posting

Some of the strongest and easily shareable content in the online world comes in the form of images and videos. A majority of social media platforms have optimized the way these are consumed by the general public, which is why capitalizing on that is the key to success.

Beautiful and symbolic imagery are capable of gaining enough traffic to gain traction, so enhancing your profile with beautiful pictures and artful photos can garner your business some attention. For the real estate industry, this could even make it easier to promote the sale of a particular property or community.

Beyond just the use of pictures, videos have a strong impact on your marketing strategies as well. As highly dynamic and engaging mediums of information, these can be used as prime methods of advertising on these platforms. Even better, if a user likes it, they can spread it on to their network—putting your brand within the scope of an even larger audience.

Don’t forget the hashtag

Many believe that hashtags are just cheezy taglines, but the fact is that these are incredible marketing tools. They’re short, memorable, and straight to the point while simultaneously being capable of making a strong point in such a small combination of words.

As a “tagline” these are incredibly for generating engagement. A well-placed hashtag can grab attention and cause reactions, thus getting your content spread even further.

Beyond these, however, the real use of this is to help you and your content become more discoverable. Hashtags are easily searchable, giving users access to all similar content connected by a hashtag. Proper utilization of this will really make your brand more visible and your services more trustworthy.

Don’t oversell

For businesses, one of the best additions to social media is the addition of marketplaces, thus making sales an easy thing to accomplish online. For real estate businesses, this connects you to a world of potential buyers for your property. All you’ll need to do is create a post for your sales and publicize it online.

As easy as this sounds, it won’t do well for your business if you keep flooding their feed with your sales content. While it’s important to repost the services and properties you’re trying to sell, you don’t want to oversell and get your followers tired of your constant sales talk.

Instead, intersperse your sales post with relevant and value-adding content. You can either mix it up with feel-good stories, relevant real estate information and news, or general updates about communities you’re handling. This way, your followers will still notice your brand, while simultaneously avoiding them from getting tired of your regular sales posts.

Share your success stories

Don’t be afraid to share your successful sales stories or your great interactions with clients. Even if it might sound like you’re boasting, it still provides you a certain sense of legitimacy with your followers. If they see your business active in the community, then they get to build more trust in your skills as a real estate authority. 

More than just sharing that you’re capable of making a sale, people will see you in your element, allowing them to see your business in action. In a sense, it would also provide a different kind of advertisement for you, while also improving your brand perception.

Allow review-posting on your page

Apart from your own self-promotion, you can allow other users and followers to leave comments and reviews on your page. Through this, you’re paving a way for your consumers to directly interact with you, thus spurring engagement. 

Beyond this, reviews—whether bad or good—still gives you an opportunity to introduce proper marketing strategies. Good comments and reviews need to be shared, as this will definitely look great for your brand. Bad comments, on the other hand, are chances to improve—paving the way to improve your relationship with your consumers.

Create a blog

One of the best ways to flaunt your expertise is by creating a blog. While it may not directly translate to generating sales, a blog can provide your followers with unique access to your thoughts and knowledge. 

Well-placed and formulated blog content will prove value-adding for your consumers, which build your authority in their eyes. Beyond that, excellent blog content makes for great shareability in social media—which is why integrating a blog with your social media account is another excellent strategy.

The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is a strong tool to push for your real estate business’ growth. Through properly laid out social media marketing strategies, you can boost your visibility, improve your brand, and increase your overall conversion rate. By jumping on this opportunity, you can stay ahead of your competitors, no matter how big they might be.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your social media marketing, then the help of a renowned digital marketing agency in St. Louis, Missouri is your best option. At the Framework Pros, we utilize the best and latest data to bring your real estate business to the forefront of the online world. Get in touch with us today and see what services best suit you.

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