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A Real Estate Professional’s Guide to Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

Due to the effects of COVID-19, many markets from various sectors have either slowed down or entirely halted operations. Unfortunately, one of the hardest-hit industries is real estate. Nonetheless, many professionals have been preparing quietly for the upturn of the economy.

Many have turned to digital marketing, which helps keep your business afloat while complying with social distancing rules and quarantine lockdowns. Although the real estate market has greatly been minimized in terms of operations, digital marketing paves a new path of creating strong lead funnels. 

The effects of the coronavirus will likely continue well after the lifting of quarantine lockdowns. Without a vaccine or cure at hand, the market will continue to shift and adapt. Out of fear of contracting the deadly virus, potential clients will remain online for their real estate hunts. 

Digital marketing is a powerful tool, but its many intricate layers may prove to be difficult to navigate through. However, it commands reach and power, which is why it’s so important to invest in it and boost your online visibility. Reaching out to the people of St. Louis, for instance, may be difficult, but not impossible. 

To help you get started, we take a look into the reasons you should invest in digital marketing, the real estate in St. Louis, and helpful tips on how to utilize digital marketing for your real estate business.

Why should you invest in digital marketing strategies?

It’s incredibly tempting to hit pause in all of your digital marketing activities, but the lockdowns have caused more and more people to shift online. The more time people spend at home, the more glued they become to their screens.

They work remotely, watch the news multiple times a day, and search homes through online marketplaces. Use this as an opportunity to become as visible as ever. Allow them to choose you, and later down the road, you can gather potential customers, leading to more sales and transactions. 

The new normal requires more creative business strategies, but lead generation routes remain clear. You explore new opportunities, nurture your database, and close deals. The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t eradicated those routes—it has only slowed them down. Through the use of digital marketing, you’ll be able to bounce back once the norm shifts back. If you aren’t sure how to proceed, you can always work with a digital marketing agency in St. Louis that has the expertise to guide you through the process.

What’s the current situation in the real estate market?

Business is slow, but the housing market around St. Louis continues to thrive. Only a few slow weeks after COVID-19 lockdowns, St. Louis came back with force. Home sales turned around for sellers, realtors, and buyers, all with the help of a digital and streamlined buying process. 

Open houses became available online, and buyers found the need to apply for financial approval before looking for potential homes. Sellers and realtors complied strictly with hygiene practices, regularly cleaning high-traffic surfaces. Social distancing was also observed, as realtors limited the number of people who could visit homes. 

The real estate in St. Louis continues to thrive albeit slowly—it continues to cater to people who are in need of new homes. That is why Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has declared real estate as an essential service in the state. 

In April, St. Louis saw 1,347 home sales closed. In a time where real estate has seemingly dropped in demand, Missouri bounced back through combined efforts of digital marketing, state rules, and even consumer needs. 

It’s a great time to browse the internet for many people, and therefore, even better for real estate professionals to draw people in. 

Digital Marketing Tips to Keep Real Estate Alive During COVID-19

1 – Arrange open houses and showings through virtual open houses

Due to the risk of contracting the virus, not all potential customers will be willing to visit properties firsthand, even if the business is deemed essential by the state. To keep these clients interested, open your properties online through virtual open houses and showings. 

Videos and interactive photographs will expand client interest at any time, especially since such content evokes strong feelings. It serves as a welcome respite for many, especially since plenty of people are stuck at home.

If you give them plenty to interact with online, they’ll likely keep an eye out for your listing and eventually make a move once they’re ready.

2 – Improve your SEO strategies

While investing in a good digital presence is crucial, it will be for nothing if people fail to find their way to your website. Every real estate business needs a website, improved with search engine optimization (SEO), which helps you boost your online presence and stay ahead of the competition.

Content marketing is the foundation here, so you need to create relevant blog posts and articles your potential customers will want to engage in. From there, insert relevant keywords your potential clients use. These should be relevant to your niche and target audience, all the while ensuring that they remain critical to the real estate business. 

Once you ensure that your website is optimized, you’ll see it ranking better on search engines. Customers will easily flock to your website, which potentially leads to sales. 

3 – Encourage interaction and engagement

With social distancing rules to comply with, people are lonelier now more than ever. As a result, they use their social media accounts as a form of connection and respite. Since St. Louis may be under a lockdown despite the market improvement, many clients will turn to social media, so you need to be prepared.

Internet usage has dramatically increased over the past few months, especially since people are unconsciously searching for their currently nonexistent routines. They remain updated with their favorite hairdresser, car services, laundromats, and even local grocery stores. They’re likely also searching for available properties to invest in, so they will be interested in you. 

Queries and concerns will flood your social media accounts, so be ready for them. Create engaging content you may share, as with useful FAQs they can read through. Continue posting about available properties, COVID-19 updates, and other relevant materials. The key is to keep them interested in your name!

The Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed down your business, but St. Louis is thriving for a reason—people consider property investment as essential. For countless potential clients, moving houses isn’t just a want; it’s a necessity. 

With health risks and unemployment issues to deal with, people need new homes to start afresh. If your real estate property is there, highly visible through the many digital platforms, they’ll likely come to you. The situation may be grim, but both parties need each other to survive. 

With the new normal still to be seen, such changes will continue to affect the real estate market. With the right digital marketing tools, data insight, and determination, however, you’ll be powering through these difficult times.

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