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5 Social Media Tips to Market Your High-End Properties

Social media has been a godsend to many businesses around the world. With so many potential customers roaming the social media space, many businesses today can take advantage of an excellent opportunity to set up their digital marketing billboards to capture potential buyers.

With that said, if your business is a high-end luxury real estate brand, you might be wondering whether social media marketing is the right way to go with your company. Many such companies have done the same before. They set up social media profiles but gain little to none from their efforts.

Now, is this because the audience shows zero interest in what luxury real estate companies have to offer? Or is it because the company simply does not know the right way to use social media marketing? In most, if not all, cases, the reason behind this poor performance is the latter!

If you are trying to make the most out of social media to market your high-end real estate brand and its properties, here is how to do it properly.

1. Share your story

People love stories, and the better and more intriguing your story is, the more interested people will be in what you have to say and offer. With social media platforms, people spend their days sharing all sorts of stories, and you should do the same! When people stumble onto your brand, you must give an immediate impression of the story behind your brand to capture their attention.

To share an intriguing story about your luxury brand, you can use high-quality and professionally-made videos to supplement written content. These content elements should share the reasons your brand exists and what you hope to achieve to let your brand’s identity shine through.

2. Improve your SEO

Many people tend to believe that SEO (search engine optimization) is only meant for websites to improve its rankings, but it also boosts a business’s social media presence. For example, if you have an excellent SEO strategy implemented, the chances are that you already have high-quality content with your keywords included.

By sharing this content on social media, you improve your overall presence and get the chance to create excellent back-links. These factors improve your overall SEO and increase traffic to your website traffic, enhancing its rankings even more.

Put simply, any SEO effort that helps your website can and will positively affect your social media presence. The content you might want to share on social media can include testimonials, promotions, tour videos, and news articles. All of these provide valuable information to the audience, which increases brand engagement and much more.

3. Become an authority

Sharing content will not only improve your SEO, but it will also help you become an authority in your industry. This is because, with informative and useful content, people will go to you and return if they are looking for similar information in the future. In other words, the next time people want to know something about luxury real estate, they will think about your brand, making it an authority in the industry.

There are many ways you can build authority on your website, including sharing content on social media. However, the best way to do this is to set up a blogging site that you can share on your business accounts and pages.

In this blog, you can tackle many different topics commonly discussed in your industry. That way, people can visit you more often to seek the answers they need. In return, you improve your brand authority, awareness, and more!

4. Ask for testimonials

Many people rely on word-of-mouth to discover the products and services they need to solve a problem. This means that you should always ask your customers to review your brand and write about their experience. Simply put, remember to ask past clients for their testimonials.

The most crucial part of any testimonial is the customer highlighting a specific pain or issue they faced and how you helped solve it. That way, other people who might share the same problem can seriously consider what you have to offer. When they see how happy or satisfied a customer is with your help, they will become highly motivated to reach out to you for the same solution.

In this case, if the client who shared the testimony is happy that your luxury real estate offered a specific feature, anyone looking for that feature will also go to you!

5. Strengthen business-to-customer relationships

Relationships are what will make or break your business. That is because, for the majority of companies, most of their revenue comes from loyal customers. Not only that, but loyal customers are also more likely to try new products or services.

If you fail to nurture long-term relationships, your business will die out quickly. On the other hand, if you manage to create such relationships, your business will do more than survive; it will likely thrive.

A great way to build a strong relationship between you and your clients is with customer engagement. This can include giveaways, contests, and even sharing your audience’s content. Doing so will give your audience a chance to interact with your brand, which helps you attract customers who are willing to stick with your brand in the long run.


We highly recommend implementing more than one of the above tips if you have not already done so. That is because the more activities you have in mind for your social media marketing efforts, the likelier it is that the audience will be receptive to your brand and what it has to offer.

That said, while your efforts should boost your social media presence, engagement, and more, you should also try your best to get all these engagements back to your website. That is because your website is where you can get customers to take action, whether it be subscribing to your newsletter or enquiring about a luxury property. These efforts help build your leads, increasing your chances of making a sale!

Framework Pros is a professional digital marketing company that offers various services from social media management to search engine optimization. If you need a social media marketing agency in St. Louis, reach out to us today!

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