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A Realtors Guide: What to Do When Implementing a PPC Campaign

If you’re in the real estate industry, it’s paramount that you resort to various forms of digital marketing to make yourself known. Whether you’re selling or investing in houses, these online strategies will help you market your real estate business and promote your properties to the right market.

Among various online marketing forms, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be your best bet. This campaign entails coming up with ad copies and displaying them on the Google or Facebook network. The idea is that you’ll only pay the advertising company for every click you’ll get from a user. But in return, that click will lead to plenty of opportunities for your business, from lead generation down to property sales conversion.

To make your strategy work for your real estate business, however, you must take several key steps. In this article, we will share our realtor guide on what to do when pursuing and implementing a PPC campaign for your business:

1. Do your homework to target the right market

If you truly want to get quality clicks from potential buyers or investors, you must first jumpstart your PPC campaign by doing your homework. This means that you have to conduct research to understand who your target market is and perform due diligence to know how to target them.

The first step is to check the demographics of those who will more likely be interested in your properties. At the same time, be sure to know their goals, motivations, and demotivation and see what property information and elements appeal to them. From there, incorporate the right messaging, keywords, and designs in your ad copies that will catch their attention and get them to click your ads.

2. Follow up on your potential buyers or investors

Remember, getting users to click your PPC ads is one matter, and following up on these leads is another. Sure, your copies may be successful at catching their attention and getting them to your webpage. The chances are that they have browsed your real estate website, checked on some properties, and provided some of their personal details and information.

However, your actions must not stop there. Once you have reeled them in, be sure to take ample time to reach them with valuable and relevant information. Yet, be wary also not to annoy your prospective buyers or investors. By following up, you’ll eventually get these leads to purchase or invest in your properties!

3. Take advantage of tools and analytics

What are today’s technologies for if they don’t make our lives easier, right? As a digital marketer, you must take advantage of these tools for your marketing pursuits. If you’re implementing a PPC campaign, using analytics will help you track your users’ behavior, gauge your performance, and see your advertising campaign’s status or progress. 

If you aren’t doing well, make some necessary tweaks here and there, whether using keywords, incorporating the right messaging, or presenting appropriate designs. You can also utilize these tools to retarget your audience or perform remarketing to old prospects.


At this point, you now know how to boost your PPC campaign for your real estate business. As outlined above, all it takes is to do your homework to target the right market, follow up on your potential buyers or investors, and take advantage of modern tools and analytics. With these three key steps, you’ll be able to make your advertising efforts more effective and robust. Not only will you generate more and more leads, but you’ll also eventually get your properties invested in or sold!

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