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Realtors Are Outsourcing Their CMO and You Should Too

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic shook the ground to its core, causing major changes in key industries. Many enterprises had to shut down their companies due to bankruptcy that stemmed from their inability to adapt to the volatile economic climate. Being one of the few lucky real estate businesses that are still alive after the past few months doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Business owners need to prioritize their enterprises’ longevity, so outsourcing key point persons is necessary to maintain their operations. Hiring a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is one strategy that most companies are doing to carry the load of the pandemic’s impact.

Staying afloat in real estate during the pandemic

Adaptation is one of the key factors of a business’s survival during the pandemic. For the real estate market, brand presence can be difficult to uphold simultaneously with maintaining properties. This is why it’s necessary to ask professionals to give you a lending hand in your operating procedures.

If you’re reluctant to ask for help, we will share three reasons why you should hire a CMO for your business.

1. They are experts at observing changes in the market

Maintaining your brand’s placement during the pandemic is a crucial part of ensuring your company’s survival. Although the economy is in a volatile state, that doesn’t mean that everything is uncertain. For the digital marketing scene, in particular, its changes are more abrupt and sudden than untraceable.

Since you’re cutting down on your real estate business’s other functions, you need to have people who can make your costs low and your output quality high. Outsourcing a CMO for your business ensures that you’re working with a professional who’s adept at analyzing these last-minute changes in the digital market scene. They can then offer you the best strategies for your marketing campaigns to maintain and attract a post-COVID-19 market.

2. They are adaptable to remote collaboration

An aftereffect of COVID-19’s impact is the limitation on face-to-face interactions. Businesses had to adapt to either limiting on-site operations or shifting to remote working conditions. The benefit of working with a CMO or marketing agency is that they’re built for these specific scenarios.

Collaboration through the digital space is an environment they thrive in, providing assistance and direction to your marketing efforts through different online platforms. It’s easy to collaborate with them in video conferencing or project management software to brainstorm and execute your marketing campaigns.

3. They offer precise solutions for your industry’s needs

With the world in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, enterprises will adjust to their current situations in various ways. For example, travel and hospitality establishments need to invest in a major overhaul in their marketing campaigns to regain customer trust. They need to display this through functional adjustments in their operations, together with revitalizing their brand image online.

In contrast, real estate businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the changes in the property market. This includes looking at competitive prices in different states and observing changes in local and national property transactions. Since every industry is handling the pandemic differently, you need someone who can give you the marketing assistance that fits your concerns. 

A CMO who has experience observing the real estate sector’s market trends has a clearer understanding of how you should execute your marketing campaigns. They aim to maximize your profit margins without forcing you to drop down your property prices.


Time is one capital that you should spend wisely, especially while the economy is still healing from the pandemic’s effects. Committing full-time to oversee every aspect of your real estate business can burn you out and prevent you from making the right business choices. For this reason, outsourcing key personnel in your real estate business, like accountants and CMOs, will be an invaluable investment to keep your company afloat.

Reaching out to experts on your industry’s digital marketing trends is an excellent way to overcome COVID-19’s obstacles. We are a digital marketing agency in St. Louis that can help your real estate business produce, develop, and execute effective marketing campaigns. Book a consultation with us today, and we’ll make sure to strategize the right way to optimize your sales funnels!

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