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6 Ways to Use Local SEO for Real Estate Business Success

The real estate industry is indeed competitive, and real estate agents need to find unique techniques to help them stand out from their competitors. If you are struggling in this aspect, one effective method to boost your success is to tap into local SEO because it will improve your website and overall business simultaneously. Seeing that you are competing with others within the same area only, utilizing local SEO will give you a better chance of reaching your business goals!

If you want to know how you can best use local SEO for business success, here are six ways to consider: 

1. Perform An SEO Audit

An SEO audit is a mandatory process before you implement SEO strategies because this will help determine your current status. It will also help you determine which pages are doing well and which ones need improvement. Indeed, an audit is a time-consuming process, but as mentioned, it’s necessary and mandatory. This will serve as a benchmark for your progress, and it will provide you with valuable insights to form effective local SEO strategies. 

2. Optimize Your Pages

When you have your audit results, it’s time to address the issues, and this is where optimization comes in. Focus on keyword research and analysis, SEO-friendly URLs, title and meta description optimization, image optimization, broken links, redirects, and internal and outbound link placements.

3. Make Your Site Accessible

Remember, everyone must be able to access your website with ease, including people with disabilities! Make sure your website is accessible, or you could miss out on some important clients.

4. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

In line with the previous point, keep in mind that more users access the Internet using their mobile devices today. Because of this, your website must be accessible on mobile devices as well, in which case the layout must adhere to mobile screens that will deliver an excellent user experience. When it comes to mobile optimization, focus on responsive designs, fast loading speeds, seamless site navigation, and usability, among others. 

5. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Although social media won’t affect your local SEO rankings directly, it’s still a vital part of your online marketing strategy. By using social media, you get to connect with your target audience, which also increases your exposure. When you gain enough exposure, you can begin to build more authority, awareness, and trust that will be instrumental for your real estate business. 

Social media is also a great platform to drive more traffic to your website, which can lead to more conversions for your business. Without social media, your real estate business will struggle, which is why you must ensure a strong social media presence. 

6. Create Valuable Content

Another effective way to improve your local SEO is by creating relevant and valuable content on your site through a blog. This will give you more opportunities to target relevant keywords. Also, you can provide a mix of content styles, such as informative articles and visual content. This will ultimately allow you to connect with your target audience on a more personal level! 


Being in the real estate business means you will always have your hands full with many tasks to complete, such as meeting with clients to open houses. By utilizing local SEO, it is a surefire way to help your business succeed online. The good news is you can rely on local SEO experts to do the job for you while you focus on other important aspects of your business!

Here at FrameworkPros, we offer effective local SEO services in St. Louis, MO. After working with many real estate businesses over the years, we can guarantee better online visibility, higher ROI, and long-term results for your business. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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