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3 Things You Need to Do Make to Supercharge Your Real Estate SEO

Keywords have always played an essential role in search engine optimization. Search engines such as Google utilize these keywords to connect an individual’s query to specific content on the internet. 

Back then, you could have easily gotten away with stuffing your content with relevant keywords to bring in more traffic to your website. Does this method still apply today, especially to the real estate industry? Unfortunately, not! While keywords always do have a part to play, the face of SEO has radically changed. 

There are many new factors now that must be considered, and if you want to make the most out of your real estate SEO, here are the things you must be doing:

1. Start focusing on Google

Indeed, Google is not the only search engine platform out there that you can work with. However, with over 80% of the search engine market held by Google in the US alone, that number should be convincing enough to focus on the platform. In other words, the majority of your audience will be on Google, and that is why you should be focusing all your SEO efforts on it.

That said, Google themselves have spent plenty of time figuring out how their algorithm should be set to provide customers with the best experience possible. They also offer different tools to assist you with your SEO efforts, such as Google My Business (GMB)—which we will get to in a bit. 

Overall, Google is an excellent platform to increase your brand awareness, and with the tools available, setting up your SEO strategy is a lot easier than you might realize.

2. Set up a GMB profile

Google My Business is a type of profile you can set up on the Google platform. There, you can share various information, such as your business name, opening hours, locations, and more—all of which will be listed on relevant queries. With it correctly set up, your audience can more easily figure out who you are, where you are, and what you have to offer.

In addition to the above, there are many perks you can enjoy with GMB. For example, people can leave reviews on your GMB profile. These reviews are vital to attracting people who want to know about you to learn whether you are worth their time. In many cases, what motivates a customer to work with a business is other people’s positive opinions, and if your reviews are good, your business will do well.

3. Maintain your GMB profile

Setting up a GMB profile is essential, but maintaining it is even more critical. This can include consistently posting brand-new content to answer new questions, responding to reviews, or sharing pictures. These updates ensure that your listing stays up to date online, boosting your listing’s view count phenomenally.

Overall, your efforts here translate to your SEO, where a well-maintained GMB profile can boost your website’s rank quite significantly.


To summarize, you will need to start focusing on Google and set up your Google My Business Profile. While there are undoubtedly many other strategies out there that you can try out for your SEO strategy, these are the two most important ones! Not only will they lay an excellent foundation for you to start your online journey to capture more attention from your audience, but they’ll ensure that, in the long run, you will experience the growth needed to expand your business.

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