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5 PPC Mistakes That Real Estate Investors Should Avoid

Lead generation is vital in the real estate business. After all, the goal is usually to find people interested in renting, buying, or selling their properties. It is an industry all about relationship building, and you need to have a strategic lead generation plan to successfully create these connections.

When it comes to lead generation online, pay-per-click advertising is one of the most useful tools you can use to generate leads. If you are using this marketing tool, you should know about the following mistakes you must be careful to avoid. 

#1. Do not attempt to be on Google’s number one spot

The top spot on Google or other search engines comes with added prestige. Earning the top spot in PPC means that people will immediately see your ad when searching for a particular keyword. While it has many advantages, fighting to be in the number one spot is one of the biggest mistakes real estate companies make. 

The top placement may give you more exposure, but it does not always guarantee quality clicks. These clicks usually come from users who search for keywords and just click on whatever they see first. Moreover, keeping the top spot will require you to spend a great deal of money. Unless you have the funds to do so, maintaining the top spot is not always the wisest strategy. 

For a more practical approach, aim for at least the third spot. This placement will let you target people who actually browse through the search results. Their clicks are more valuable because they would have taken the time to review their options and decided to go to you. 

#2. Do not forget to bid on your business name

Your business name is one of your highest-converting keywords. If you forget to include it in your targeted keywords, you miss out on one of the best strategies you can use for your business. 

Even your competitors will target your business name to get your target market and leads. Bidding for your business name will also help you keep track of how your business is doing and growing. 

#3. Do not bid for broad keywords

Avoid spending too much money on broad keywords. Broad keywords may be the most searched keywords, but they are also the most targeted keywords of other real estate companies. Bidding for general keywords is not necessarily bad, but you should invest more money on long-tail keywords. 

These are more specific search terms that your target audience looks for on the web. Aside from being more targeted, they are also cheaper. To make the most out of your long-tail keywords, check your website statistics, and find out which keywords your site visitors use to find your web page. 

#4. Do not forget to use your keywords in your copy

Utilizing your target keywords in your ad copy will make your ads more relevant to users’ searches. Include at least one of your keywords in your copy. Place it as close to the beginning of your ad as possible for the best results.

When people search for keywords, they appear in bold text on the search results. If your keyword and theirs match, it is a confirmation that the ads they see are relevant to their searches. 

#5. Do not use irrelevant landing pages

Your ability to convert customers depends on your landing page. If you think you are losing potential customers during the conversion process, you may not be using the appropriate landing page. Make sure that your ads and the landing page they link to are relevant to each other. That way, customers who click your ads are directed to what they are looking for.


PPC is a useful marketing tool, but many businesses are still prone to committing mistakes when using it. Now that you know some of the biggest don’ts when it comes to your real estate ads, you should get better results from them. 

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