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3 Digital Marketing Tools for Growing Real Estate Businesses

In the real estate industry, the tools that any agent uses bear a much greater level of significance when it comes to attaining success in a highly-competitive market. Such is the case for any realtor, broker, or real estate in St. Louis, MO, which is one of the biggest risers in the American real estate market today.

If you’ve been helping various buyers and sellers find or part ways with their properties for a while now, then you’re likely familiar with the high level of competition that you deal with. Seeing that the real estate industry itself isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s safe to say that you’re currently equipped with an array of adequate tools to use to close your next deals.

While you may have the knowledge, expertise, and grit that have helped you get through the last few years and close numerous sales, you’re most likely dealing with a drought right now.

Yes, we’re talking about the COVID-19-induced real estate drought that has heavily impacted the country’s real estate landscape. Although there is some trouble with the volume of the buying and selling market, the more significant issue at hand lies in the limited array of opportunities that you and dozens of other agents must capitalize on. 

Thankfully, there is one tool that you can use to succeed in these trying times that will help you grow and scale your business: Digital marketing.

Different digital marketing strategies that can elevate your real estate business 

Thanks to the advent of the digital age and its widespread effect on markets and industries, it’s safe to say that the real estate industry now isn’t exempt from the wave of change. From online forums to videos and infographics, the array of different tools and tricks that any real estate agent can use to close their sales is nearly endless.

If you want to provide your business with a competitive advantage that will help it overcome the competition and close more property deals, here are three digital marketing strategies to use: 

1. Professional-grade websites

Today, the first thing that people looking to buy or sell their home will do is go online and search for real estate agents in their area, a habit that a well-built website can capitalize on. 

Acting as a virtual office where clients can walk in and find whatever they’re looking for, a professional website helps establish the appeal or impact that will attract more sales. Once you fill your website with a powerful design, seamless user experience, and the details users need to know about you and your services, you’ll have an easier time getting more leads passively!

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Speaking of searches, another powerful tool that your real estate business can use to climb to the top and close more deals is the ever-powerful SEO strategy.

Although it may not necessarily be the newest tool in this list, Search Engine Optimization is undoubtedly one of the most powerful ones because of its ability to influence buyer behaviors and influence sales. By enlisting the services of a professional (such as FrameworkPros) to take care of your ranking-related needs, you’ll secure the best listings online and offline in no time! 

3. Social media marketing

When it comes to finding guaranteed buyers or properties that you can flip and make a profit on, there’s no better tool than platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Right now, forward-thinking real estate agents are closing deals at lightning speeds by using social media because it helps them close the gap for better conversions. As soon as you understand how you can start promoting your business on social media, it will be much easier to get the word out and reel in more inquiries right away!

(At FrameworkPros, we also offer social media management in St. Louis, MO, for businesses looking to take their social media marketing game to the next level!) 


For any real estate business, realtor, broker, buyer’s agent, or seller’s agent, the most powerful tools that can be used to succeed even further today can be found in digital marketing. Through the help of the three tools mentioned above, you’ll be able to significantly boost your chances of landing higher closing rates and more profit. 

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in St. Louis, MO, to help you build an online presence for more sales and conversions? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you conquer the real estate market!

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