SEO in 2022: Updates You Should Expect In the Coming Year

Managing your SEO services is an ever-changing task, mostly because user habits and technological innovations keep requiring businesses to keep up. It’s a good way to keep your engagement and room for growth expansive, but this also means you need to stay on top of your SEO game.

Because another year is kicking off, Google is going to roll out more algorithm updates that will reshuffle the rankings on search engine results pages. Make sure you know what updates you need to prepare for.

Increase in “People Also Ask” Results

You should start noticing the “People Also Ask” feature becoming more prominent as Google shows it at the bottom of the search results, right after the main answer.

Because of the tendency to have follow-up searches and related queries, Google is making its algorithm cater to that by including more results in the “People Also Ask” section. While this is meant to come up with relevant results (further updates are expected to smooth out the engine), it also means you need to work harder to battle spam results that are clogging up the section.

Stricter Link Spam Rules

Updates will also see more scrutiny against what might be deemed as spam content. Google has to rely on metrics to tell what’s spam and what’s not, which is why the updates also see stricter rules on content.

Set rules in its algorithm will weed out the bad pages, but it also puts you at risk of ranking lower if you don’t match the guidelines to a T. Its algorithm will be even more stringent about checking best practices for link usage.

Voice Search Prioritization

With the emergence of voice search and the potential for it to grow, Google is making it a point to give voice search more room on the search results page.

This means you’re going to need to alter part of your SEO strategy to create tailored results for individuals using voice commands to make their search engine queries.

Implementing the Page Experience Update

We can expect to see Page Experience rolling out to desktops starting February 2022. From this, marketers will see how the Page Experience score will start to take more precedence in determining your overall ranking.

Desktop users will start to have the same factors that determine ranking as mobile users experienced in 2021. This includes HTTPS security, absence of intrusive interstitials, First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP).

Going MUM

Google’s artificial intelligence project, Multitask Unified Model (MUM), has been training hands-on since late 2021.

This year, it will largely affect how users get their queries answered. Its ability to better understand queries and intuitively go about answering them is expected to multiply the capabilities of its ranking algorithm.


As digital marketing continues to see improvements, businesses should be ready for updates that will be both consumer-centric and helpful to brands in the long run. While you may want to stay the course of your SEO strategy, the updates outlined above will help you understand how you can make it better.

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