The Key to Real Estate Success: How Social Media Increases Sales

For decades, real estate agents have relied on word-of-mouth advertising to gain new clients and expand their network. Signs are great for getting people to go to your open house, and billboards are nice attention-grabbers—but they can only do so much!

The world is changing rapidly before our eyes—technology has forever altered the way man lives and works. In this sea of change, businesses and corporations are also riding the wave, relying less and less on the past’s trusted traditional methods and looking into the future’s promising modern tools. 

It’s Time to Go Digital

To succeed in the real estate market, one must learn to adapt. What used to be tried and tested is now becoming obsolete and forgotten. If you stick to your old, traditional ways of marketing, expect your business to go under.

Given that, it’s time for a digital transformation! Signs are simply not enough—your potential client now spends less time looking at their surroundings and more at the screens they hold. Your printed signs and good reputation won’t do much for you in the digital age; if you want to expand your clientele, you have to market your business in the online world.

Social Media and Your Real Estate Business

The changes in technology have significantly affected the behavior of the public. For your real estate business to prosper and grow, you must learn to adapt to your audience’s behavior to attract clients. 

Now is the time to make your presence known online! Market your business on social media platforms for a greater chance of getting deals. 

The Advantages of Using Social Media

Social media is an excellent tool in growing your business and attracting more clientele—as long as you know how to use it to your advantage. Take a look at some of the reasons why social media can positively affect your real estate business:

1. Wider Reach

Gone are the days when you have to hand out flyers to people on the street or post signs by bus stations. Unlike traditional advertising, social media gives you a much wider reach and a bigger platform. Social media has a rich pool of potential clients—effective social media management can help you reach out to more people with less manual effort.

2. Fewer Costs

How much does it cost to post a billboard in St. Louis for a week, only to be seen by a few hundred people? Traditional advertising is expensive—when you compute the expenses of having to design the sign, printing it out, and posting it, most times, it isn’t worth the money you shell out. Sometimes it even causes you to lose money rather than help you gain some!

Meanwhile, social media advertising costs much less and has the potential of reaching thousands of customers. With billboards and signs, you mostly just hope for the best; there’s no way of finding out how many people read your sign,  how many just walked past it, or how many showed interest. 

Unlike its traditional counterpart, today’s technology allows you to track how many have clicked on your website, engaged with your posts, and saw your listings. 

3. More Opportunities

When people want to find something, they always look it up online. When looking for a house, no one relies on signs they see posted near bus stations anymore—the public now treats social media as the more reliable tool to find what they need.

Establishing an online presence offers more opportunities for you to connect with potential clients. The more effective your social media marketing is, the more your clientele will expand.


Social media can significantly affect your real estate business’s success—but only as long as you know how to utilize it. Like all tools, you will need the proper knowledge and skills to use it at its full potential. 

Suppose you’re finding the digital marketing world a bit overwhelming and confusing to understand on top of managing your business. In that case, you can always reach out to a digital marketing agency in St. Louis to help you craft effective branding strategies.

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