3 Great Social Media Strategies for Real Estate Businesses

Real estate used to be an industry that heavily relied on traditional marketing and cold calling. Now, it is dependent on digital marketing platforms. As the National Association of Realtors study points out, social media plays a vital role in scoring clients and closing deals. It shows that 77 percent of realtors actively use social media for business, 47 percent of real estate businesses say that social media generates the highest quality leads, and 99 percent of millennials start their home search online. 

As long as you have a concrete social media strategy, you have a shot at becoming a leading business in the real estate industry. To maximize your efficiency online and achieve great results, here are some tips for stepping up your social media marketing efforts:

Post consistently 

Using social media to your advantage allows you to establish long-lasting relationships with current and potential clients. To do this, make it a point to post consistently. However, never post just for the sake of updating your social media platforms. Also, regular posting does not mean bombarding them with nonsensical posts to the point they tune you out, so be strategic and ensure each post you make offers value to your audience. This will encourage them to keep coming back. 

Your goal is to constantly interact with your clients to build your credibility as a real estate agent. Achieving this is possible by using social media software to schedule posts and sharing promotional, time-sensitive, evergreen, or entertaining content. If you need a hand, consider partnering with a social media management expert.

Use high-quality photos

When it comes to house shopping, on-brand visuals are crucial because it requires plenty of visuals. Homebuyers need to see the properties you offer. Because of this, add high-quality photos to your property listings.

Keep in mind that not all images are attractive, so ensure you use only those that can help you close the deal. Capture photos of homes with a professional camera and take them in different angles that showcase their best features and amenities. You can also use photo editing software to perform quick touchups and turn the shots into their best version.

Aside from the quality of the photos you use, choose the right social media platform. The best websites or apps for showcasing photos are Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Don’t forget to craft the appropriate caption with a call to action. 

Incorporate storytelling into your posts

Amazing visuals capture your audience’s attention, but compelling stories draw them even more and keep them more engaged. This is why storytelling is a crucial element in every social media content.

Some stories worth sharing are the milestones of your real estate company. For instance, consider telling your audience about how you started in the industry and what steps you took to remain thriving even after ten years. Another strategy to take is to include client testimonials in your posts. Adding meaningful stories to your social media campaigns can boost engagement and make your audience trust you.


Boosting your online visibility can be more complicated than you might think. Fortunately, you now know some of the most important and effective ways to build your social media presence. If you need further guidance in developing the best strategy and bringing in more business, team up with a trusted digital marketing company like ours.

Close more deals by working with our social media marketing agency in St. Louis. We are FrameworkPros, a full-service digital marketing firm that can help you gain long-term clients. Schedule a consultation to customize your social media plan for your real estate business!

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