4 Elements of SEO & How They Help Real Estate Businesses

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be a bit complicated for beginners. Although it requires a lot to achieve long-term success, it is easier to understand and master once you familiarize yourself with its elements and how they affect your overall performance. 

Often, the first thing in mind when SEO is mentioned is the Google ranking. Although not all elements are considered factors in how Google ranks your website, you should not ignore a single component because they all work together to achieve your desired results. 

In this article, we will break down the essential elements of SEO and how each boosts your real estate business:


The main aim of SEO services is to rank your website on the topmost of the search engine results page. To make it happen, you must identify your target audience and anticipate the keywords that they commonly use in Google when searching for properties and locations related to your business. This is where keyword research can help you determine those keywords, which you then should incorporate into your website pages. 

The more you focus on the relevant keywords that your real estate offers, the more you are likely to attract visitors to your website. Take note that keywords are not just helpful for your presence on the internet, but they can help ready clients to find your service when searching or selling houses. What more, SEO is an organic strategy, so if you apply local SEO keywords to your website if you are servicing a selected area, you can effectively close many deals without paying more for advertising.

Meta descriptions

The Meta description can be challenging to translate to words that everyone can easily understand. Meta descriptions are the sentences displayed under your titles on a Google result page. While the description does not contribute a lot to your Google ranking, it can contribute to the overall performance of your website. A well-composed Meta description will attract the client to click on your content. It also gives you the chance to create an excellent impression on your potential clients, so make sure they are engaging. 


Keep in mind that your homepage serves as the reception area of your website. This is why the way visitors perceive your homepage can significantly affect the way your website ranks in Google. User experience is one of the most significant factors that Google looks at in ranking a website. It is also determined by the bounce rate or the number of visitors who quickly leave your homepage because of a bad impression or layout. 

The key to an effective website homepage is to value quality over quantity. Do not overwhelm your visitors with too much information and colors and pop-ups. On your homepage, provide your visitors with tabs that lead them to their basic needs. Then, indicate the location of your real estate service and offers, and create separate tabs for buying and selling houses and essential information that real estate clients would want to know. 


Your real estate website indeed has many images as you want to present all the houses that you sell. However, it is vital that you go back to each image and optimize it. As much as you want to upload quality images of houses you are selling, each one must have a limited quality. This is because the image size may affect the loading time of your web pages and could bore your visitors. Again, this falls back to the user experience, which is a factor for ranking higher. 

To optimize images, you must also incorporate keywords in the title and ALT text. This means that whether a client is looking for all results or images only, the keywords work to boost your online visibility.


You may get overwhelmed as you start to understand the SEO strategies, but like other topics, getting to learn its elements and how they work will be all worth it. Implementing the strategies is another matter, so expect it to be a challenging process. For this reason, it will be more practical to get expert help and advice so that you only make well-informed decisions moving forward. 

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