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Pay-Per-Click: Unique Ways It Boosts Online Visibility

There are several effective ways to boost your online visibility, depending on which you prefer. You can take the long route and plan out search engine optimization (SEO) content to create organic traffic. You can promote your website on social media accounts to spread the word and hope your audience listens.

Or, you do something much simpler: Pay for them to visit your website every time they click an ad. This process is called pay per click (PPC).

PPC is a kind of advertising that displays ads online which leads clickers to your website. It’s called pay per click because you’re essentially buying their clicks through the ads. What’s impressive about PPC is you are only billed when someone clicks the ad and is redirected to your website. Thus, if no one clicks on your ad, you don’t pay anything.

However, that’s not what we’re going for. We want to increase your traffic through PPC. Here are unique ways it does just that:

Ads Appear Virtually All Over the Web

A sports gear ad on an unrelated search for brand marketing st louis is one of the best examples of PPC’s uniqueness. Your ad will show up in related or unrelated searches! If they missed it the first time, they’re likely to see it again during their next search.

Another nifty feature of PPC is Display Ads. You can remarket the same promos that netizens have already clicked on to emphasize a particular product or service, which hopefully leads to sales.

It Brings Quality Traffic

Returning and potential customers conduct searches on a variety of other topics daily. With PPC ads appearing all over the web, those who want or need to access your products and services will be reminded of them once they see your ad.

Since they are more likely to click, this means relevant traffic for you. The point of PPC is to convert leads to sales. Hence, it is ideal for reaching out to your target audience rather than simply boostingyour online visibility. 

To illustrate, an increase of only 100,000 visits where 50 percent of them enlisted your products and services is much better than 500,000 visits where only 3 percent converted to sales.

It Highlights What You Want It To

Ads require specificity and a call to action (CTA). These are what drive web users to click and potentially buy from you. Thus, you can promote a particular product or service to ensure it gets as much marketing attention. 

Highlight key features such as advantages, benefits, or promos, if there are any. A good example of this is a simple product photo with the brand’s name and a large 50% Off text in between. It’s upfront and direct, making it easier for customers to take action.

You Can Operate Them Much Like SEO

PPC ads can be tied to relevant and consistent keywords so that they pop up in searches related to your product or service. To achieve this, you need a tool like Google’s AdWords to maximize online advertising.

Google AdWords collates and ranks the top keywords netizens search for regularly. From there, you can see which ones fit your products and services perfectly. Then, add that keyword to your campaign to ensure your ad appears when people search for that particular phrase.


PPC advertising is a legitimate method of converting visibility to sales with its unique characteristics. It’s more affordable since you only pay advertisers when netizens click on the ad. It brings quality traffic since only your target market will click. It makes a great addition to your SEO efforts since they also appear on search engines. Don’t miss out on the ways PPC can boost your online visibility.

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