A Guide on Real Estate Keywords and How to Use Them

As complex as the actual system works, the concept is simple enough to grasp – if you want your real estate marketing to reach your target audience, you need to hit the keywords they are looking for.

Keyword strategy is important for anyone trying to reach online users and actually get those clicks. For this, we need to break down local SEO, keywords, and domains. It’s also best to understand how all of these things come together. 

Learning Real Estate Keywords and Best Use

The right keywords are found from the most popular search queries inputted by users on search engines. Of course, you want to get a keyword pool that is directly related to real estate. You cannot just get generic phrases you think might work since you want something tailored for your properties.

Put tags and content that will make your posts and any relevant links the top result when people search for keywords related to your real estate services. Local SEO comes into play here so that you are actually targeting homebuyers that are in the area or looking at the area where your property stands. 

Consider what your goal conversion is and match that with popular queries that fit the bill.

Considering Search Volume

Search volume refers to the number of people that are searching for a specific phrase or query. This can be very helpful in telling you what keywords most people are seeking out. Of course, that only tells you how relevant your posts can be.

Another factor within this section to think about is how many other competitors and websites are using those same keywords. You want to get high-volume keywords that still give you some leeway to get the top spot.

Lead Generation

The end goal is not only to be visible but to actually get clicks and engagement. These are the things that will lead to a conversion.

When picking keywords, you want to make sure you are getting relevant traffic. Good lead generation means you are more likely to get clicks and visitors that are leaning towards a transaction. You want people that are actually interested in real estate and looking to make a purchase.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is also important because this determines if a search engine will deem your website or content relevant for any particular industry. You’ll want to integrate keywords properly with good links and non-spammy content to rank up higher on the search results.

Hitting EAT Signals

In the realm of Google, EAT means Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. You basically want to hit all of these points if you want to reach the top of the search engine result hierarchy. If you want to hit Page 1, you need to hit those EAT signals. 

Your keywords can help you build up your EAT to achieve good SEO results. Other factors that will contribute to this include page quality, clarity of content and sources, and moderated channels, among others.


It’s important to have this information at your disposal so you can effectively boost your online visibility. It’s best to bank on the benefits of the internet and technology to market your real estate. A well-executed campaign can translate to a real return on investment.

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