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Digital Marketing Consultant—Our Guide to Hiring One for Your Real Estate Business

The current requirements for a successful marketing campaign are a hundredfold more complicated than they were ten years ago. If you want to venture into digital marketing for your real estate business, you need to stay updated about the fast-changing algorithms and trends of modern marketing.

Most real estate businesses venture into online marketing, thinking that it is like a walk in the park. However, that is not the case most of the time. When companies become too overwhelmed with maintaining their digital marketing, they ask for help from digital marketing companies to manage their marketing campaigns. 

Hiring consultants is an investment, however, and there are certain factors you need to consider before choosing one. Otherwise, you will end up with an output that does not meet expectations with its unfortunate results.

Business Rivals Are Only the Tip of the Iceberg

Remember that fast-evolving trends in digital marketing make it hard for you to gain the spotlight among your sea of competitors. The worst part is you are not competing with your competitors alone, but you are also battling with social media channels, entertainment websites, and news portals. Remember that you and your business rivals are not the only ones aiming for a spot in search engine results pages. With a lot of content produced every day, it can get hard to gain attention to your content.

There are three common factors that you need to consider to improve your chances of getting the spotlight instead of your business rivals. The first one is to determine how search engines rate your website when compared with others. The second one is checking the reviews written about your services from other websites. You must have a higher percentage of positive reviews compared to rival businesses. Otherwise, users become inclined to select your competitors instead. The last factor to consider is the advertising budget. Take note that even unestablished websites can get more attention as long as they have enough budget to bid the highest amount in specific targeted keywords. 

Consider Professional Help If Overwhelmed

With a lot of things to consider, it best to ask for help from third-party services to manage digital marketing for you. If you’re short on budget, even a consultant will do wonders for your business. The services of these professionals can range from social media marketing to search engine optimization. Because of that, it is crucial to hire the people that best suit your needs. Otherwise, working with the wrong professionals and spending money on a service that does not offer you growth will be counterintuitive. 

Unfortunately, the mismatch between client and service provider is a regular occurrence. Some real estate businesses engage with digital marketing consultants that did not help them improve their digital strategies. The return on their investment was minimal, if not entirely non-existent. 

When this happens, the next course of action is to end the services of the hired professionals, but they can not refund thousands of dollars of investment that they have already put toward the service. When this happens, real estate businesses need to do their marketing themselves again. The typical result is that they end up drowning in stress, juggling their current workload with their marketing efforts.  

Remember that the secret to a successful real estate business is to find the perfect blend of marketing efforts and the actual real estate work. Even if you provided the best real estate services in the whole world, you would not get any clients if your marketing strategy is below average.

To avoid that situation, you must choose a digital marketing consultant that can give you results. The problem you have now is the lack of knowledge or skill to select the best option for your needs. In this article, we will give you some tips on choosing the best third-party marketing services to help you with real estate digital marketing.

Tips on Hiring a Real Estate Digital Marketing Consultant

1) Define the help you need

Digital marketing comes in many forms. It is critical to choose a professional with a specialization in the field of digital marketing that matches your current demands. For example, if you require aid in establishing your social media authority, a social media consultant is your go-to professional. However, if you need help with driving more traffic to your website, an experienced and reliable SEO consultant helps you develop your SEO practices. 

Remember that digital marketing is an umbrella term for a lot of different skill sets. If you incorrectly hired a specialist in one skill set but required help in other aspects of your digital marketing, you will find yourself in big trouble. 

Some agencies claim to help with everything, but it is best to choose an agency or consultant that specializes in the service that you need. After all, the chances are high that they produce above-average quality outputs because they do this kind of work repeatedly. If you require help with everything, then you can ask for help from a generalist digital marketing agency.

2) Ask for case studies, testimonials, or reviews

The best way to verify successful past project claims is to ask for proof of satisfied clients. If they’re proud of a particular service, reputable and legit agencies should provide a documented review that speaks volumes of their output. 

Another tip is to avoid using social media metrics like likes, followers, or shares to measure the success of their social media marketing. Instead, you should focus on lead generation metrics like inbound inquiries or email subscribers. You can even go the extra mile and reach out to their previous clients to ask for feedback regarding their services. In doing so, you get a full in-depth review directly from the mouth of prior customers, which gives you raw and unfiltered access to their firsthand experience.

3) Pick agencies or consultants with real estate project experience

Remember that not all agencies are the same. Some cater to everyone regardless of the industry, while others niche down to a specific sector. Because of that, it is essential to choose a marketing agency that specializes in real estate digital marketing. Otherwise, you will end up as their first test subject in the real estate industry. 


Choosing the right digital marketing consultant or agency to help you with your real estate marketing strategies is a critical aspect to increase your chances of performing a successful campaign. If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that has experience in the real estate industry, reach out to us today to see how we can help you grow your business.

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