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8 Social Media Strategies to Help Real Estate Companies Thrive – Our Guide

Social media for real estate is vital. It’s a goldmine for individuals who are in the real estate industry. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re looking for ways to gain more leads through social media channels, here are some of the best social media strategies that you should try out today: 

1. Pick the Right Social Media Platforms

With the many social media platforms available today, it’s easy to be tempted and to use them all to promote your real estate business. However, every social media channel today requires a different set of marketing strategies. Unless you have a dedicated team for social media, it’s essential to be practical when choosing a platform to use for your marketing. 

That said, you need to identify the right social media network that can benefit you. Look into the demographics and your audience’s personas that are highly present on the platform. Explore unconventional channels as well, such as LinkedIn, where you can grow your professional network. You might also be interested in showcasing beautiful property photos and engaging with users on Pinterest. 

2. Share the Right Type of Content

What you share on your social media platforms is essential—it could make or break your presence. The good thing about the real estate industry is that people expect you to sell, which means that you don’t have to tone it down. What you need is to creatively and effectively showcase your properties that will capture the attention of your target market. 

Here are some of the best content types to use on social media: 

  • Property Photos – stunning and high-resolution property photos are an essential component in a social media strategy. Make sure to attach compelling copy that will make your audience compelled to buy. 
  • Testimonials & Success Stories – highlight your success as a real estate company by providing proof of your satisfied clients on your social media accounts. These types of content will build social proof and highlight the human side of your business. 
  • Milestones – show your track record online by sharing your company’s milestones. There’s nothing to be shy about when showing off your company’s accomplishments, as this can help set you apart from the ever-growing competition. 
  • Industry & Market News – the real estate market is continually evolving, and as an expert in the industry, clients expect you to have valuable information about everything that has to do with real estate. Exercise your authority in the niche by sharing relevant industry and market news. 
  • New Listings – perhaps the most prominent type of content to share on social media, listings need to be personalized according to your brand. 
  • Property Tips – the main reason you’re on social media is to engage with your followers. One way to keep them engaged is by sharing valuable tips such as home renovation and cleaning tips. 

3. Consider Video Marketing

Videos are a more personal approach that will help you connect with clients more effectively, especially on social media. Consider creating videos to showcase a property. Showcase it like a vlog, or—if you’re camera shy—a series of Instagram Stories will do. 

Another effective approach is by doing a Live video either on Facebook or Instagram. You can even “tease” your followers, leading to the “live” event. Aside from using videos to showcase properties, you can also create other content such as tips, step-by-step process of property buying, and the like.

4. Be a Part of Online Communities

Social media groups are an excellent way to connect with local people. Over a billion people are using social media and the majority of them are part of some groups. An easy way to participate in an online community is via Facebook Group, which has more interaction on it compared to other online groups. 

By being part of online communities, you get to generate more buzz around your company. An essential thing to remember when you’re interacting with group members? Don’t oversell. When you come across as too promotional, it will be off-putting. Have real and valuable conversations with members of the group instead: answer questions, help out, and from time to time, offer free advice. 

5. Use Hashtags

If you haven’t used hashtags in your real estate marketing campaigns, then you’re missing out. It’s a small thing to do for your content and with it, you get a chance to improve brand awareness, especially when users can find it in the hashtag search. You can use a combination of branded and generic hashtags for this.

Branded hashtags will help you establish a following, whereas generic ones will let you reach people who might not otherwise see your posts. 

6. Streamline Social Media Communication

You’ll likely manage multiple social media accounts for your real estate company, which can make you too busy posting and planning your content. With that, it’s become more important that you streamline your communication on these platforms to ensure that you’re addressing all of your clients’ inquiries and questions. 

The good news is that there are various tools that will allow you to keep track of communication across multiple platforms. Consolidate your communication through these tools, where messages from various social media channels will be in one place. With that, you get to focus on replying to messages that you receive on your social media accounts. 

7. Run Contests

An excellent way to create more engagement on your social media channels is through contests. Use different kinds of contests to help you develop deeper relationships with your clients. You can also use this chance to get to know them more that you can use to your advantage as a realtor. 

There are different contests that you can do, such as giveaways to your followers. Doing these online engagement events will be helpful for building your brand image. 

8. Promote Your Social Media Accounts

If you’re actively pursuing social media as a realtor, you need to let people know about it. Feature your social accounts on your website. Add your social media details in your email signature, and add them to your business card as well. You want to make it easier for people to find and connect with you. 


Make sure that each strategy you use will bring you closer to your goals. These strategies will help you focus on providing value to your target audience. A key thing to remember is that marketing on social media will involve a lot of “digital movement” to keep up with the trends, so exercise your attention to detail. 

We provide excellent social media management for companies big and small. Get in touch with us today and let us know how we can help you.

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