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3 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents

Many real estate agents know that an online presence is essential to their line of work. It’s a way for them to screen prospective buyers, promote their clients’ listings, and stay on top of house market trends. Unfortunately, most agents lack the digital marketing knowledge to boost their real estate opportunities. Luckily for you, we will delve deeper into the different tactics you may want to use, allowing you to surpass your competition. 

This article will discuss three effective ways you can enhance your online presence through digital marketing, particularly as you promote your brand and your clients’ properties. Take this as an opportunity to grow your career and avoid falling into irrelevance. This way, you can do what you love and invest in yourself as you earn more. 

1. Using targeted Facebook ads

Facebook is the perfect space to promote yourself as a real estate agent because you are essentially offering a lifestyle to your prospects. For instance, you want them to buy a mansion because you know they are interested in designing interiors, buying luxury goods, and living large. Thanks to Facebook’s ever-growing advertising tools, you can capitalize on ideal clients’ demographics and psychographics. 

The best way to ensure you launch high-quality ads is through effective Facebook ads management. You need to identify with the right digital marketing professionals to target your ideal clients, show them your services, and get enticed to book you for consultations. This way, you can keep your real estate career going and establish your good reputation online!

2. Localized SEO content 

You may already have a website where you post your different blogs and business information. However, you may not generate enough site traffic, leads, and confirmed calls to make it a profitable venture. That’s because your site may not be optimized for search engines, affecting your ranking and online presence. Luckily, you can easily take advantage of your local target market. 

With localized SEO content, you can pull in the prospects you need and establish a strong client base. For example, if you want to get prospects from Missouri, you can write about property trends in St. Louis and other related written content. Just ensure your website’s layout, performance, and consistency are all under control to achieve marketing success. 

3. Virtual tours 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many house buyers were forced to forego their buying plans due to fears of catching the virus and social distancing protocols. Fortunately, you can address these demands efficiently with virtual tours through video content and social media. 

Even as communities start to open up, virtual tours may also be the more preferred option than physically showing up to the property. This is especially true for the new wave of house buyers since it’s convenient and exciting. You just need to document your property listings well and post strategically on social media platforms. 


Digital marketing is a real estate agent’s best resource to meet online marketing goals. Now, you also have a better chance to gain success with the previously mentioned tactics in mind. You just need to partner with the right experts to ensure your efforts are worthwhile. Work on your online presence today! 

Are you looking for a professional digital marketing agency in St. Louis, Missouri for your real estate marketing needs? Consult with us at FrameworkPros. We can provide you with social media management, online advertising, and other solutions to boost your online visibility. Book your next call with us to find out how you can connect with prospective clients easily! 

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