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The What, How, and Why of a Lead Generation Branding Strategy

With over 4.66 billion Internet users on Earth, your new market is virtual. Customers are tech-savvy and aware that businesses sell their products online. When presented with various advertisements, users can easily spot those attempting to advertise directly to them. 

According to a study, 81 percent of users first research the products and services they need before deciding on the competitive online market. How can your business convince them that you’re the company they want to do business with? 

The good news is that brands have various ways to advertise online, including creating your own spaces for your brand and its audience. They can then expand on efforts to draw in potential customers, growing your business. One of these ways is a lead generation branding strategy.


A lead generation branding strategy collects contact information from potential clients interested in your business’s products or services. This is done by building a database of people who might become customers, otherwise known as leads. Why is this important? Because all businesses need a stable stream of potential clients to grow their company.

The best way to maximize this branding strategy is to use search engine optimization (SEO), refining web content to improve its visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Each web page is given a “ranking” that determines when and which page a website appears in search results.

Good SEO will help more internet users organically come across your webpage. The higher your ranking is, the higher the chances a user will come across your website and engage. This organic visit will further boost your brand’s online visibility and increase traffic to your website.

How and Why?

SEO is helpful for several reasons, and one of those is a lead generation branding strategy. Leads generated through SEO are surprisingly cost-effective compared to leads converted through other channels. You can thank that potential customers come to your website when they search for businesses like yours with proper SEO. Remember, every new lead is a unique opportunity to grow your customer base.

Here’s how it leads to more sales:

  • People type specific keywords on search engines to find businesses like yours.
  • If you have successfully optimized your website for specific keywords, search engines will show your website in their search results when someone searches for that keyword.
  • If the business is what they are looking for, they will give you their contact information, and you will now have a lead to contact and convert into a sale.

SEO serves as a funnel that directs a stream of leads to your website, making it an effective branding strategy for generating organic leads.

Before SEO became popular, most companies depended on outbound marketing tactics like cold calling or direct mail campaigns to gain more leads. After the digital marketing boom, dated practices like cold calling have become increasingly less effective.

On the contrary, SEO (part of inbound marketing) makes leads come to you! Unlike outbound marketing channels where you must be the one initiating conversation (or at least emailing or calling), with SEO, the people are coming to you.


Therefore, you must target the right audience to serve via SEO to generate good leads. These are the people who need your particular products and services. Then, establish yourself as an authority by writing content on their searches and using the keywords they use for searching to reach out to new customers. Who knows? You might even make a repeat buyer out of them!

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