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3 Marketing Trends of 2022 You Must Be Ready to Implement

Not many people can argue the fact that the future is going to be digital. This is especially true when talking about marketing for businesses, where all companies today must-have digital marketing strategies in place if they want to stand any chance of success. Plus, with so many online channels to reach out to customers, it only makes sense to invest plenty of time and money into digital marketing to spread one’s brand name to as many individuals as possible.

That being said, whether you’re a small or large business looking to achieve success now and in the future, here are the marketing trends to pay attention to and take advantage of:

1. Be Personal

Today, customers are constantly bombarded with all sorts of digital ads that slowly desensitize them to all the flashy marketing efforts. That, and with all the ads that already exist, it can be incredibly tough for your business to create ads that steal any attention. Fortunately, this isn’t impossible, and it all boils down to offering personalized ads.

When you offer personalized ads, people relate to them more. Everything from saying their name, identifying their pain points, or engaging with them in a valuable way will help maintain their attention to your brand. Of course, to do this, you will need to collect a lot of data about the specific individual. You can combine similar customers into categories so that you can offer personalized ads for each group, making your marketing efforts more effective!

2. Don’t Forget Mobile

More and more people are using their mobile devices to surf the internet, and if you aren’t using mobile platforms as a channel to reach out to your audience, you’re missing out big time.

Over 50% of website traffic in 2021 is from mobile devices, and this dominance will continue well into 2022 and the future. For you, this means that you need to seriously start building a website if you don’t have one. If you already do, you need to ensure it is mobile-friendly so that those accessing through mobile devices won’t be chased away by a hardly mobile-friendly website.

3. Set Up Your GMB Listing

When you hear “GMB listing,” you automatically think of local SEO. Sure, your GMB profile can be used for that, but there’s more reason to use it to promote your business. Specifically, you need to set up your GMB listing to show up in things like Google maps and other services. This way, local individuals can quickly find your business, and even those further away can find you if they need to.

If you haven’t set up a GMB listing, you can easily create one. Log into your GMB profile, fill out the form, and publish your listing. That’s it! If you see a listing for your business that you did not create, you can claim it.


There are plenty of other trends you should hop on to make the most out of your online marketing effort. This includes setting up a blog to share content to become a thought leader in your industry, down to utilizing paid social media ads to advertise on social media platforms. Regardless, all the tips we’ve shared above are highly effective in enhancing your digital marketing strategy. If you haven’t implemented one, two, or all of the trends we talked about today, what are you waiting for? Get it done by yourself, or reach out to a professional to help you out today!

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