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Make Your SEO Strategies Relevant to Users During COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has significantly changed the way people live their daily lives. At present, what seems to be the “new normal” includes looking for activities to overcome cabin fever, prioritizing buying products and using services that are essential to health and fitness, and searching for ways to be productive while working from home.

In essence, because of the imposed regulations regarding social distancing and lockdowns urging people to stay home, most people are now glued to their screens more than ever. As the way of living has been impacted by COVID-19, online search and consumer behavior have also changed. 

There is no other way to survive in the business world than to adapt to the changing times. To maintain relevance to your audience and the trends they are searching for, you will need to change your SEO and content strategy. To help you learn more about how to achieve this, we have prepared for you a guide below.

Dedicate a page about COVID-19 on your website 

Update your website by adding a page about COVID-19, most especially if your business is impacted by this health crisis. This will help you adapt your web optimization technique to current affairs and allow your customers, particularly your regulars, to become aware of how your business is doing. 

For instance, on your newly made COVID-19 page, you may put a detailed account of your efforts to assist frontliners, essential workers, and other people in need during the pandemic. You may also add some details regarding the safety precautions and measures that you and your workforce follow to keep your products clean and safe, especially when you are working in the food and restaurant industry.

Utilize Google Tendencies to monitor timely topics

Creating timely content requires you to look for the latest topics that are popular among your target audience. To check trending subjects, the primary platform you need to look at is Google Tendencies.

Unlike other key phrase analysis tools that show the changes in search behavior within the final 30 days, Google Tendencies collects results in real-time. This essentially helps you create more updated and relevant content for your audience. 

Make sure to also consider the nature of your business and the possible key phrases that are applicable to you. Furthermore, seeing that citizens are urged to stay home, you may look into search results related to the key phrases, such as “online” and “at home.”

Use Exploding Topics to look at popular topics online

If you are looking for a great alternative to Google Tendencies, then Exploding Topics may be the right choice for you. To produce emerging topics, this platform collects data from search engines, mentions, and conversations across the web. This data will then allow you to view them according to their time period and industry, which helps you identify a specific topic.

Create content related to trending topics

Using Google Tendencies, Exploding Topics, or other platforms, remember to monitor the trending topics online and create content materials related to them. In doing so, you will be able to provide content that is timely and relevant to your customers and audiences, making you stand out in the industry and rise above the competition during these hard times. 

Some examples of the subjects you may consider exploring include fun and indoor educational activities for kids, tasty and easy food recipes anyone can make, and free movies and books you can access online, to name a few. 

Focus on increasing your business conversions online

During this period, you may work on boosting your business conversions online. What you will need to check is the process when a person views your website, browses your products, gets convinced that what you offer is worth their money, and decides to buy from you. In short, you must learn more about how to increase successful conversions, which involve turning your website visitors into customers.

Other factors you may need to consider looking into about your conversions are the people’s awareness of your brand, the trust they have to your online presence, and the efficiency and convenience of making a purchase through your website.

To increase your business conversions online, here are some steps you can follow:

Update the images and text of your website

Keeping your website up-to-date does not mean you should only add a page dedicated to COVID-19 and its relevance to your business. During this period, you can check if your website has outdated copy or text and images. Look out for photos of people holding hands, hugging, staying outdoors, or being in a crowd, then change them with images of individuals staying home or people working towards social distancing. This way, your users will relate to your content better and allow them to feel your concern for them.

Check on your competition

One of the ways to improve your SEO strategies is by checking on your competition because you’ll be able to see the efforts they are making. Also, this helps you discover what makes their strategies effective and why your target audience would possibly buy from them instead. You may consider adapting their best practices to your business to increase online conversions.

Optimize your website for organic keywords

The key to staying more relevant to the searches of users and driving traffic to your website is by checking the key phrases your visitors use that lead them to your website. You may also look into the web pages your website might be sending your visitors to. For you to do this, you need to research, analyze, and choose the keywords that best make your business stand out among the results from search engines. 


Amid these trying times, many businesses are forced to close their doors and discontinue serving their customers. This pandemic is truly an unfortunate event that impacted the way people live. If you want to keep your business afloat, you need to find new ways to adapt and cope with the needs of your target audience.

One way to get started in letting your business conquer this pandemic effectively is by powering your website with effective SEO strategies and marketing solutions. By knowing the changes in the search and purchase behavior of your users, current trends online, and emerging popular topics, you can create content materials that are timely and relevant to your audience. Eventually, this will lead you to establish a connection with them, encourage them to support your business, and turn them into customers.

Let our dedicated team at FrameworkPros in St. Louis help you strengthen your marketing strategy. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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