Is Facebook Advertising Still Worth Using In 2021?

In 2021, it’s nearly impossible to say that modern marketing isn’t at its most advanced state ever because of all the other developments it has seen over the years. 

With even more consumers today growing dependent on their smartphones and the internet becoming a staple component of everyday life, the online world plays a vital role in the way humans communicate. For businesses for a competitive advantage, in particular, this development bears the fact that it’s crucial to invest in digital marketing for success. 

If you’ve spent some time developing your marketing strategy, there are specific opportunities that you can’t pass up on because of their potential. Each opening for advancement is worth considering, whether it be in the form of SEO strategies designed to close the gap or new tools capable of creating more efficient work processes.

When it comes to online advertising, in particular, businesses are now exposed to the opportunity of using Facebook Ads as a key component in their strategies. 

The problem, however, is that the rise of alternative methods makes the highly commercialized platform seem less of a necessity—which brings us to one question: Is Facebook advertising still worth using in 2021?

Why Many Marketers Are Switching Out

For the past ten years, Facebook’s advertising platform has significantly grown to become one of the leading tools online advertisers use to gain results.

Heralded as the “next best thing” upon its launch, the tool in question continues to present itself as a dominant force in the world of online advertising alongside fellow titan Google Ads. Over time, the value of this platform has shown itself repeatedly as it continues to drive sales for companies, products, and services of all kinds—making it as important as it is today.

Although the Facebook ads platform is structurally seamless in terms of its system to help businesses market effectively online, many are switching out because of one issue: oversaturation.

In recent years, the advertising platform in question has become rather overcrowded due to its accessibility—making it much more difficult for businesses to stand out, even with fine-tuned strategies. Out of frustration, a growing number of business owners have begun to question whether Facebook Ads is still an optimal tool for creating attention and sales! 

Is It Worth It To Use Facebook Advertising In 2021?

Beyond qualms of oversaturation and hypercompetitiveness, the fact is that Facebook Advertising is still a crucial tool to work with even in 2021. 

Although many younger generations of buyers have turned to platforms like TikTok and Instagram to spend their time, Facebook is still dominant in crucial demographics. With an unparalleled hold on age demographics ranging from 25 to 54, the platform can work wonders in attracting sales and building brand awareness. 

To give you a better idea of just how widespread the opportunities for top-notch online marketing are on Facebook, here are some key statistics worth taking into account:

  • Currently, 26% of Facebook users make purchases after clicking an ad on the platform—making it the most capable of all advertising platforms to fetch copious amounts of conversions. Despite the platform’s notorious cost per conversion (CPC) rates, the enhanced ability to attract valuable results still makes it a worthy contender.
  • With over 2.23 billion monthly average users, Facebook is the undisputed king of social media platforms as it remains the biggest social media network in the world for 2021. What this essentially means is that you’ll be able to target more buyers in your target markets with ease and attract more opportunities for profit, engagement, and conversions!
  • Despite the slowdowns and hurdles that the COVID-19 pandemic brought about in 2020, Facebook Ads still brought in $31.43 billion in revenue for 2020—making an unexpected 4.9 percent growth. Considering that the platform in question is still growing even amid a worldwide economic downturn, it’s only right to expect even more growth to come once things get back to normal! 


As disgruntled as several marketers and business owners may be with Facebook Advertising, it is undoubtedly still a viable platform to work with because of the opportunities it bears. Through the help of this game-changing tool, you’ll be able to use video ads, story ads, carousel ads, and marketplace ads to your advantage with enough funding and focus! 

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