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5 Effective Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies in 2021

The real estate market was one of the hardest-hit industries in the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. But in 2021, the sector has been making a comeback, as people have a renewed interest in real estate investments.

As most, if not all industries have transitioned online and used digitalization and technology to achieve their business goals, so too has real estate. Now, many real estate agents know the power of good digital marketing strategies to attract clients.

In 2021, these are five of the best strategies:

1.  Pay-per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is one of the most innovative ways of acquiring new potential clients that you otherwise would not get with traditional advertising. This strategy is popular in the real estate market because it puts their listings out there as much as possible. What’s advantageous, too, is that you’ll only get charged when users click on your ads.

2. Content Marketing

A real estate website has to be mobile-friendly and contains excellent content marketing. The latter is integral to search engine optimization (SEO) because it helps websites build their credibility and be properly indexed by search engines. 

You may use content marketing to connect with the right audience by publishing engaging content on your website. It should guide your potential customers with their home-buying decisions and solve any questions they may have.

3. A Mobile-Friendly Website

Most users now surf the internet via their phones, so your website must also be designed for mobiles. If you want to catch customers actively looking for a real estate property, you want your website to be accessible on mobile devices, where clients can browse through hundreds of listings. 

Your website should have features that fit the size of a mobile screen, fast loading times, and an intuitive interface. You may even include a chatbot that answers your clients’ questions.

4. Email Marketing

Every agent holds a huge amount of customer data, which may be wasted if not utilized for marketing purposes. Use this data to strategize an email marketing campaign that helps you connect, engage, and increase leads. You can partner with businesses or engage existing customers to maintain their interest in your business.

5. SEO Optimization

It’s no question that you need to optimize your website for search engine crawlers. A good SEO allows your website to be correctly indexed and found by search engines to boost your ranking in search engine results pages. 

It might be a lot of work, mainly that the Google algorithm regularly updates, which you need to keep up with. A good SEO strategy must help your real estate business to grow. So, you must implement keyword research, link-building, and other SEO tactics to boost your business.

You can also utilize SEO elements like online directories, social media pages, backlinks, meta titles, and meta descriptions. You should also be able to post content on your blog to engage with clients regularly.


An excellent digital marketing strategy is the weapon of every business in the internet age. You should acquire customers by attracting them to your website and ultimately encouraging them to purchase your products or services. The same goes for real estate–a proper digital marketing strategy will help you connect with potential clients.

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