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5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change How Companies Hire and Manage Employees

According to technology experts, artificial intelligence will change every aspect of life. However, one of the greatest impacts will be felt in employment, especially the way businesses hire and manage employees. For example, companies will be able to use artificial intelligence to eliminate many of the costly expenses associated with hiring, training, and evaluating workers.

1.) Recruiter Chatbots

Recruiting new workers is costly for most businesses. For example, companies must pay human resources staff to find applicants for open positions, as well as screen applicants for those positions. This is especially costly in low-skilled industries that hire a lot of workers (like retail and restaurants). Chatbot recruiters – powered by AI – are being developed to handle much of the early recruiting process. These chatbot recruiting tools will be able to conduct interviews and skill assessments to determine whether an applicant is suitable to continue in the hiring process.

2.) Pre-Employment Deep Background Checks

Pre-employment background checks are very common when it comes to screening potential employees. However, AI technology will enable businesses to conduct deep background checks that can analyze an applicant’s online behavior. For example, a deep background check can uncover troubling biases – like racism or sexism – by analyzing an applicant’s social media content.

3.) Employee Advisement

Many companies plan to use AI to advise employees when it comes to upgrading their skills. For example, machine learning algorithms will be able to analyze an employee’s skill-set and proactively recommend new skills for that employee to learn. This software will also be able to identify opportunities where a worker could be more productive in a company.

4.) Employee Management

Maintaining good employee morale is essential for a company’s productivity. AI-powered tools will be able to regularly survey employees to identify signs of under-performance and declines in morale. The software will then offer managers recommendations on how to improve worker sentiment and productivity. Another benefit of improving employee morale is to reduce employee turnover. Turnover is very costly to businesses because they lose all of the money invested in a worker when they quit.

5.) Employee Performance Review

The employee performance review has always been a largely human process. For example, your supervisor meets with you once a year to discuss your job performance and to make recommendations for improvement. However, in the future AI technology will monitor worker performance goals, as well as provide feedback on those goals.

In short, when you apply for a job in the future, you will (likely) begin the application process with an AI-powered chatbot recruiter. You should also be mindful that a deep background check could reveal things about your online behavior that you might think are otherwise private. Therefore, you must always exude a professional attitude when you post and share content online. AI technology will be used to assess worker skill-sets and identify new skills for a worker to acquire. Lastly, machine learning platforms will replace many of the human management roles associated with employee management and performance review.

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