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6 PPC Marketing Mistakes Your Business Needs to Avoid

In the world of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, every click from any source counts. These clicks mean that someone out there is interested in your services, that your ads have given them the chance to look into the solutions you have provided to solve their needs.

Unfortunately, while PPC seems like a straightforward way to promote, it has its fair share of common fumbles that many marketers make. Some of these mistakes can be incredibly costly and may even negatively impact how your brand is perceived.

To help you avoid such pitfalls, here is a list of a few common PPC mistakes that you need to be aware of:

1. Using broad keywords

While you can use general keywords in your campaign, you need to remember that these are incredibly competitive. This means that you will have to invest in a ridiculously large amount of money into these high-volume keywords. Even if you have the money, there’s still no guarantee that your PPC ads will succeed. 

For example, if you are selling kitchen utensils, using the term “real estate” is a broad keyword that you might want to reconsider. This term will be used by many other real estate businesses out there, whether they are in your locality or not.

To ensure that you don’t end up wasting money on keywords that don’t give you the best results, prioritize specific keywords, also known as long-tail keywords. Doing so narrows the market you’ll be competing in, which means that you’ll have a better chance of outbidding competitors and attracting viable leads.

2. Using the wrong keywords

You might be tempted to target keywords that don’t necessarily relate to your brand, as doing so will allow you to broaden your reach and expand your visibility. The problem with this strategy is that while you might attract more customers, you won’t have anything of value to offer them.

In other words, don’t target “apartments in Missouri” if what you’re selling isn’t related to that. Such a strategy is wasteful, as it attracts the wrong market, and it puts your brand under a very negative light. Consequently, search engines might take notice, take down your ads, and further penalize your site. It leads to a serious predicament that is difficult to get out of.

If you want to succeed with PPC, one important consideration is to use keywords that are appropriate for your business to ensure that they deliver the results you want.

3. Not testing conversions

It is quite tempting to create a conversion funnel and have it implemented right away. However, this can be a hit or miss, meaning that you won’t know whether it’s going to work because you haven’t taken the time to test it. Even if you target the right people, there might be an issue with your funnel that has caused them to stop short of clicking the purchase or subscribe button.

To avoid the risk of wasting time and money on conversion funnels that do not work, remember to test them out beforehand. This can include conducting a focus group, compatibility checks, A/B testing, and so on. 

By taking the time to figure out which part of the conversion funnel needs fixing, you can better ensure customers will go through the purchasing process without a hindrance.

4. Measuring the wrong metrics

There are many different kinds of metrics to be measured when working with PPC ads. Unfortunately, many advertisers end up putting insufficient effort into vital metrics that open up opportunities.  Some even choose the wrong metrics to focus on. For example, some marketers might be looking at conversions but are not evaluating other metrics, such as click-through rates and average positions, that make a real difference.

To avoid this problem,  focus your attention on metrics that make sales. Since these can be different, depending on your business and industry, you must spend the time to identify your audience’s behavior and figure out what attracts them to your services.

You can do this by using tools, like Google ValueTrack, for valuable insights. It can be added to your landing page’s URLs to collect information on a myriad of factors—all of which will paint a complete picture of your campaign’s performance.

5. Creating boring ads

No matter how intricate your PPC marketing strategy is, producing ads that do not interest or excite anyone is not going to make you money. Lousy advertisements with unenticing copy are a one-way ticket to time and money wasted down the drain.

To make sure your ads attract your potential customers, spend time and effort into producing quality ads. Doing so increases the likelihood of someone clicking on the ad and possibly making a purchase.

It will also reduce your overall costs. For instance, a hundred terribly-made ads will not perform as well as a handful of quality ads. The latter lowers your cost-per-click while offering greater potential!

6. Having no plan

Of all the possible mistakes you can make with PPC, the biggest one would be going at it without a plan. Not only will it hurt you immediately, but even more so in the long run. For example, you might be spending a lot of time investing in the keywords that do not apply to you or end up attracting the wrong type of audience.

Without a plan, you will have no idea how to meet your targets and be clueless as to your progress.

To prevent this problem, remember to strategize before taking action. Write clear goals for your PPC marketing efforts and set up guidelines on how to achieve each one. Doing so will guide your actions, giving you the best chance of enjoying a successful PPC marketing campaign.


Take these mistakes to heart and do whatever you can to avoid any of these from occurring. That way, your PPC marketing efforts will not go to waste, and your campaign will help bring more customers to your doors.

Now, if you are having trouble with your current PPC marketing campaign or do not know how to create a good one, do not hesitate to work with a digital marketing agency. With their expertise, you can thoroughly analyze what you need to do to produce a PPC marketing strategy that will rake in results.

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