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5 Ways to Improve the Effectivity of Your PPC Advertising – Our Guide

While PPC has become integral for many marketers in many industries, especially in the real estate side of things, many have come to realize that sooner rather than later, their investments in PPC advertising don’t seem to be getting the results they hoped for. Unfortunately, that is the nature of PPC. Often, those who have invested thousands of dollars are left frustrated and in the search for other channels of marketing to get their property ads out and about.

So, as a marketer in the real estate industry, how do you go about ensuring that your PPC investments give you the results you are looking for? The answer: diversify. Here is how you can diversify to improve the effectiveness of your PPC efforts:

1. Look for other platforms that are not social media

While you might want to depend on social media to advertise your properties solely, it might not be the best thing to do. That is because these platforms change their advertising policies regularly, not to mention that there are many frauds out there putting out their ads to cheat people out of their money. That said, while the same problems can be found in many places, social media platforms are just a haven for such criminals. 

While it is still great to invest in PPC ads for social media, do not invest everything into it. Otherwise, any mishaps that occur on those platforms are going to profoundly impact your digital advertising campaigns, forcing you to quickly adapt your ads repeatedly or suffer massive losses.

2. Invest in small marketing specialists

To continue the idea of investing on multiple platforms, other than just social media itself, consider investing in small, niche marketing specialists. While they will not offer you a massive platform with millions of people roaming around it daily, what they do offer is customer service. While attracting customers with your PPC ads and making the sale is necessary, customer service is just as important. Without it, customers with complaints are not going to get their answers, leaving them frustrated. This may permanently tarnish the image of your brand.

However, again, do not put all your eggs into one basket. In other words, do not rely solely on these marketing specialists as well, as it is always a good idea to spread your investments. This is so, if something terrible were to happen, you won’t be affected too much.

3. Incorporate SEO into the mix

While PPC efforts are essential, incorporating SEO into the mix is also vital. This is because, while they both have different methods of going about it, SEO and PPC pretty much share the same goal: getting users to your website and making a purchase. 

As you might know, your SEO efforts are what keep your websites high on your SERP. While PPC will get people to your site with ads that pop up on different channels, those who do a query on search engines will happen to stumble upon your real estate business, and even more likely so with excellent SEO strategy in place.

In other words, SEO plays hand in hand with PPC, both of which will go about different ways to drive up your website traffic. Plus, SEO is technically free, as you are not directly paying for it to attract customers. Instead, it is the combined effort of pushing your website’s rank to first place, allowing users who query for you to find you much more quickly and click on your website.

4. Keep in touch with account representatives

What happens if you find that your PPC advertising account has something wrong with it? Well, all your PPC efforts are going to come to a full stop. This means that you must go about fixing it immediately or run the risk of losing potential customers and money.

Unfortunately, if you do not have access to a PPC advertising service provider’s account reps or their help desk, you will find yourself waiting for hours, or even days, sending emails and getting no reply. For this reason, we highly recommend that you start building a relationship with these representatives immediately. That way, you will always be able to keep in touch with them, and should anything related to your PPC advertising account go wrong, you can contact them immediately for help, saving yourself time, money, and sanity. 

5. Always have a backup plan

Even if you feel like no problems out there are going to affect you since you have meticulously strategized your PPC advertising efforts, it is always smart to have a backup plan. This is especially important if most or all your advertising is done online.

What can that backup plan be? Well, with so many scams up and running online, it is not rare to find that even legitimate businesses fall into their hands and get banned because of it. So, to be sure that getting banned does not abruptly end your advertising efforts and ruin your real estate business right then and there, always have a backup company. For example, you should have a backup company as and the finances to back this company up, should worse come to worst. This will allow you to quickly spring back into business even though you have just got your previous business banned.


To summarize, while PPC advertising plays an essential role in your real estate advertising efforts, for more effective results, you must take the measures that we’ve shared with you above. Remember, anything can go wrong, and the more preventative measures you have in place, the less likely you are to experience any negative consequences. 

So, go ahead and invest in multiple other platforms for advertising, build relationships with account representatives, and incorporate SEO into your digital advertising strategy. In doing so, not only do you minimize the risk of PPC advertising, but you make the most out of it in the process.

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