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5 Compelling Digital Marketing Tools for Your Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

As one of the biggest industries in the world, real estate has grown tremendously over the past decade. Investment options and opportunities are colossal, making its future developments promising. One of the biggest factors that contribute to its success is the digital revolution. Potential clients seek properties online, venturing into the cyberworld for properties and homes to purchase. 

This makes establishing an online presence is crucial to the real-life business—while it may sound simple enough, the work placed to support it can be tumultuous. As a real estate company, you’ll be required to set up a compelling website, send out emails to prospective clients, and continuously post on social media. Digital marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, one that could single-handedly generate leads and conversions. 

The digital marketing landscape, however, continues to advance and progress in more ways than one. A number of real estate platforms have sprung up, ready to be used by savvy real estate professionals. The tricky part is figuring out how to best utilize these tools, however. As powerful as they may be, you’ll want them to support your brand, engage your audiences, and earn you leads. 

To make the most of your digital marketing campaigns, here are several compelling tools to use: 

1 – Integrate Facebook’s advertising options

Facebook can be regarded as the default social media channel. In other words, almost every person on the planet owns a Facebook account. This makes it the perfect platform to set up your real estate ads. It comes with in-house advertising options that allow you to target specific niche audiences, allowing you to customize your messages accordingly. 

Clients, for example, seek realtors that make them feel cared for and understood. Moving homes is a risky and emotional process, which can be a personal experience you need to partake in. As such, you’ll want to ensure that your messages reach and resonate with the right people, taking into account the importance of personalization—you’ll want to make potential clients feel cared for, thereby earning their trust.

2 – Utilize local SEO

One of digital marketing’s wonders is search engine optimization (SEO), as it is responsible for keeping your website visible to consumers. In the landscape of real estate marketing, SEO dominates. Remember that people turn to online researching when it comes to buying homes, so they’ll likely be Googling keywords such as“homes for sale in st. Louis” to begin their search. 

With that being said, you’ll want to ensure that your website, social media pages, and other necessary information come up at the search engine results page. Scoring top spots also increases your chances of attracting clients, as it signals credibility and trustworthiness. To make the most out of SEO, create a blog regularly updated with relevant content and keywords. It should include all the right words, such as key information like location and services. 

3 – Arrange an email campaign

Although the digital marketing revolution may seem too advanced for email sessions, understand that email marketing remains to be some of the best ways to gain clients. Your social media pages and website will likely have harvested emails from clients already expressing interest in your services. By sending out personalized emails, you entice them to listen to your pitch and encourage them to try out your services.

You’ll want to create email newsletters imbued with engaging content, keeping the sales pitch in between the lines. Your email campaign’s sole purpose is to encourage prospective clients to visit your site once more, which propels them further into the sales funnel. When done correctly, you’ll be able to nurture your past and new clients well, ensuring that your client pool never remains stagnant.

4 – Offer virtual tours 

There’s a reason why people regard the digital space highly—it’s quick, efficient, and convenient. And in such a competitive world of real estate, providing the quickest, most efficient, and extremely convenient will win over clients. Innovation and creativity have paved the way for virtual tours, which is currently one of the best ways to attract potential clients.

Virtual tours are essentially walk-throughs of homes, which can be done in the comfort of your own home. Clients won’t have to worry about taking time off to visit houses all day, as the online platform allows them to visit potential dream houses in a fun and comfortable way. 

To create a successful virtual tool, you’ll need the help of high-quality images and videos, all of which need to highlight the property’s best features. You also need to ensure that your content is responsive and interactive, accessible in various devices. 

5 – Invest in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website

Your website serves as your virtual storefront, a business card that immediately signals your capacity as a brand and company. You’ll need to invest in a website that is pleasing to the eye, as well as easy to navigate and highly convenient.

You’ll want your website to include every possible listing your clients may be interested in, to be regularly updated. It should also come with blog content intended to help them through the home buying process, as well as other resources they may need throughout their journey. Information about your company must also be highly visible, along with testimonials by previous clients you’ve worked with. 

More importantly, however, you’ll want to ensure that your website comes with easy-to-use functions, such as search bars, live chat and automated support, along with various visuals that will enhance their overall experience. Investing in a better loading speed time is also crucial—a website that requires a load time of more than three seconds will cost you clients! While it may seem overwhelming, ensuring that every single detail of your website is up to standard will bring your business wonders.

The Bottom Line 

The real estate landscape is an industry continuously evolving and changing. Competition is at an all-time high, and while the demand for homes will never cease to exist, finding business can be challenging.

 If you wish to find success and remain relevant in the industry, you’ll need to continuously evolve and change as well. By using digital marketing tools properly, you’ll be able to grow your pool of clientele. So long as you keep the aforementioned tips above, you’ll be well on your way to success!

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