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4 Reasons Real Estate Agents Need a Social Media Manager – What to Know

Real estate agencies are always looking for ways to gain competitive advantage, especially in this digitized age where the market is rife with rivalry at every turn – be it from independent realtors to giant enterprises. More importantly, modern consumers no longer look up reputable agents in a phonebook or find properties for sale in a newspaper. 

In this day, homebuyers and investors alike go online and search for their dream property in popular engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Beyond a good ranking and utilizing SEO techniques, another way to push your brand forward and reach hundreds of potential buyers, sellers, and partners is through social media. 

What is the Importance of Social Media in Real Estate? 

A website is there to provide all the necessary and relevant information of your business, but leveraging different social media platforms is an effective way to establish your credibility and boost brand awareness. 

With an estimate of over 3.09 billion users in 2021, social media offers a digital portal where your retail estate business can gather leads. With the rising numbers, it’s no surprise how 41 percent of companies use social media to increase their bottom line. 

Knowing how to utilize the varied aspects of each social media channel – from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and more, allows you to shift your target audience and create a tone that appeals to the current market. 

With a strong presence in different social media platforms, you can bolster your brand in a digitally-oriented era and ensure your real estate agent is an industry leader in a saturated landscape. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager for Your Real Estate Business

Seeing as social media can impact your branding and impact your business in more ways than one, establishing different online channels that are relevant and engaging to your target audience is critical. However, social media isn’t as straightforward as posting your property listings with its corresponding hashtags. 

It’s a complicated process that involves various goals and shifting trends, so if you find it challenging to put in the time to improve your social media presence, hiring an expert may be your best bet. Either way, the goal of social media is to provide the following benefits to your real estate business: 

Benefit #1: Social Media Offers More Extensive Reach and Boosts Website Traffic

A website with quality content can increase your opportunity in building your credibility and ranking high on search engines, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’re growing an audience. If you want your blog posts or video reels highlighting your properties to reach more views, sharing your content in various social networking sites can help you extend your reach. 

Providing helpful and expert posts can expand between subscribers and followers, allowing your business to gain more traction through sharing content. It will also help boost website traffic, which results in generating more leads and higher chances of making a sale. 

Benefit #2: Social Media Diversifies Your Marketing Efforts  

The digital landscape is a vast world, so focusing all your marketing efforts on one aspect will only cover some parts of it. If you want to tap into a larger audience and maximize your campaigns, investing in social media marketing as a complementary strategy to your online advertising can help elevate your retail estate business to greater heights. 

Think about it this way: your regular clients won’t always have the time to go to your website for any updates. However, being active on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram can instantly and continuously keep your audience engaged and informed about your property listings. 

Not to mention, posting a slide show or a short video is a great way to pique your clients’ interest as people respond better to visual stimuli. A single image can already say a lot about your property and appeal to your local community in just one powerful glance. 

Benefit #3: Social Media Allows Realtors to Network with Clients and Other Real Estate Agents 

Beyond posting your promotions, social media also allows realtors to establish connections with existing clients, attract potential customers, and network with peers. Keeping in touch with your clients – from past to current – can also build your customer base as it encourages word-of-mouth, leading to new referrals for your real estate. 

Requesting viewers to like, subscribe, or share your links, videos, or articles can extend your reach to other people who are interested in buying houses or commercial properties in your area. Following like-minded agents on LinkedIn, Facebook pages, and official Twitter accounts can also nurture your industry knowledge as you learn from the expertise and experience of your competitors. 

Sharing your success stories with your clients and peers also establishes your credibility and helps other starting businesses to learn from your lessons. Conversely, social media is a cycle that promotes a symbiotic relationship between you, your clients, and other real estate agents. 

Benefit #4: Social Media Allows You to Scale Your Business 

Scalability is a fundamental goal of any business – including real estate agents. With that in mind, social media allows you to scale up your business in various ways – from targeting the right audience to utilizing social media ads. 

More than Google ads, campaigns on social media like Facebook are selling like hotcakes since most consumers spend their time on social media instead of search engines. Facebook Ads, for instance, also allows you to categorize your campaign and filter objectives to match your audience and goals. 

Adjusting the settings such as the location, age, gender, and detailed targeting can make a world of difference in optimizing your advertising campaigns and provides relatively accurate control over your ad budget and objectives. 

In Conclusion: Social Media is now a Leading Platform to Increase Visibility, Promote Property Listings, and Establish Connections with Clients for Real Estate Agencies.

Homebuyers and investors are looking for reliable real estate agents that can provide more than just the statistics of a property. Social media can bridge the gap between realtors and clients as it can provide exposure and provides a richer understanding of your market. 

Are you looking for a social media management agency in St. Louis? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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